• “Ego is good, nice, beautiful, but only when friends with the Self.”
  • “Body is time, body is memory so it requires memory for movement. The actor itself is a memory.”

  • “Body is memory, body is conditioning. Let the conditioned remain conditioned, but ‘you’ must operate on awareness.
    Memory is not a substitute for awareness.”


  • “Being what you are, you will be found where you must be.
    So instead of worrying about your whereabouts, you should be concerned about ‘Who Am I?’”


  • “There is no realized ‘man’. Because when one realizes, the man is no longer there. One who knows Brahm becomes Brahm. He doesn’t remain a ‘man’ anymore.
    That is why the goal to attain realization is an impossible goal because the one who makes the goal, dies.”


  • “Know your head, and keep it down.”


  • “Beware the man who thinks he understands.”


  • “A situation is a challenge only when you feel something about you is at stake.”


  • “Everything that you think of as the world is nothing but you.
    Everything that you think of as ‘you’ is nothing but the world.
    Sans your thoughts, the world and the conception of you, there is a vast nothingness and that is what you really are.”


  • “You are not the sinner, you are the sin itself.
    You are not mistaken, you are the mistake itself.”


  • “Observation turns into understanding when the distance between you and your object reduces. How does that happen? That happens when the boundary that you have built, the boundary that you call as ‘I’, the boundary that separates you from the object, that comes down. That is the point when you understand.”


  • “Dropping of self is the real charity.”


  • “You are the state of your consciousness.”


  • “The questioner is question and answer both.”


  • “The more clearly you state to me that such and such people are inhibiting your freedom, hampering your growth, stealing your joy, the more obliged you become to answer the question then, “Why are you with them”?
    I will tell you why are you with them. Because you are so corrupted that you want all the benefits that come from their company and parallelly you also want to insult and humiliate them. You take all that can be taken from them and then you sing to the world that they are exploiting you.
    Who is exploiting whom?”


  • “You do not need improvement. You need dissolution.”


  • “To go beyond yourself, come close to yourself.”


  • “Problems are only for the ego.”


  • “Constant remembrance of ‘I am’ takes me beyond what I think I am.”


  • “That which evolves is Ego.
    That which IS is I.”


  • “Personal is ego.”


  • “Be cautious of whatever you hold to be valuable, whatever you hold to be sacred.
    The ego finds nothing valuable or sacred except itself.”


  • “Only the ego can get hurt.”


  • “Watch what you are attracted to.
    The ego is attracted only to that which deepens the ego.”


  • “Ego will not understand this world, but will demand a Reality beyond.”


  • “Your ‘individuality’ is just a deceptive name given by ego to itself.”


  • “Worldly pleasure is just the punishment of separation from the Center. Ego finds pleasure and sustenance in separation.
    Pain of separation is a holy pain. Blessed are those who feel the pangs, and most unfortunate are those who wallow in their pleasure.”


  • “Only the ego wants to correct mistakes.
    The fundamental mistake is ego itself.”


  • “Place of ego- either at the Master’s feet, or in the Master’s embrace.”


  • “Just as we are two, we operate from two centers. Similarly there are two evils and two virtues as well: One evil is that the ego calls as evil. It is the dual companion and shadow of good.
    The real evil is not what the ego decides as evil. Evil is that the ego decides.”


  • “Whenever the ego inflates, there is suffering.
    Now the ego is caught in a quandary: it wants to inflate but doesn’t want to suffer.”


  • “The very inflation, rise of ego, the very rise of evil is a parallel rise in the urge to dissolve. The inflated ego sees its own vanity, futility, and surrenders.”


  • “The one and only objective that the ego has is to maintain a separate identity from the Ultimate, from God.”


  • “In concluding, you end witnessing, you end alertness. Conclusion is a thought. Witnessing, subtle alertness is thoughtlessness.
    The ego wants a prescription. It wants to know what to do: this or that. We’ve become so dumb that if someone doesn’t give us a conclusion or opinion then we think that he doesn’t understand.”


  • “Ego is the freedom to remain an idiot.”


  • “Ego is the freedom to dissolve itself.”


  • “Ego is the centre of all positives and negatives.”


  • “Do not confuse ego with pride. If ego is pride, you will try to act humble. Humility is a deceptive game of ego, more injurious than pride.”


  • “You use the phrase ‘animal nature’ wrongly. Violence, disorder, greed, stupidity, ego – all these are your social nature, not your animal nature. Animal nature is simple, beautiful, and one with existence. Drop your social nature, rediscover your animal nature.”


  • “There is no substance in laziness. Laziness is just a trick of mind to avoid doing what it is not conditioned to do. Ego finds pleasure only in its deep patterns. Whenever there is an opportunity to act outside the patterns, one starts feeling lazy, or uncomfortable. The mind never feels lazy doing what it is conditioned to be pleased with.”


  • “You are fond of saying that the ego drops only when it reaches its climax and becomes ripe. But this game of climaxing is just a trick of the ego to sustain itself. One never reaches the climax of the ego; one is already and always at the climax of ego. The ego will not ripe in the future, the ego is already fully ripe.
    To realize that twenty-four hours and seven days, one is hundred percent ego – is to reach the climax of ego.
    The climax and the dissolution both are together in the depth of realisation.”


  • “The self perpetuates itself by trying to become an enlightened self.
    Only the ego takes interest in enlightenment.
    Enlightenment is ego.”


  • “Only the ego repents. Repentance is a way of strengthening the ego.”


  • “The more I run, the more I ensure that no reaching is happening.
    The ego relishes chasing but hates reaching.
    The ego associates chasing with reaching; wisdom lies in reaching without chasing.”


  • “Even though suffering is the natural consequence of the ego, and fodder of the ego, yet suffering can open the door to realisation.
    Suffering is a violation of your joyful fundamental nature, hence it arouses you, it can make you alert, more conscious.”


  • “Disown the self, disown the actions of the self, and disown the shame associated with the actions. Shame only reinforces the ego. Shame comes out of a misplaced belief that you are better than your action. Just observe the games of the self, naked, shamelessly.
    Freedom from ego and freedom from shame go together. The entire game of ambition and progress comes from an urge to overcome one’s sense of shame. This life-drama is nothing but shame being played all around.
    Disown shame, disown this shameful life.”


  • “Behind all our choices there is a deep desire to come to the end of choosing.
    Behind every endeavour is a deep thirst to come to the end of all endeavours.
    In that sense the ego desperately wants to come to an end. It is suicidal.
    But it is not fearless enough to die. So it just keeps hoping for a better future.”


  • “Ego will never directly choose freedom. It will just choose more bondages as means towards freedom.
    Ego plays a game of self-delusion. It will cry aloud, “I want freedom”, and will determinedly latch on to bondages.
    Whatever you will choose, you will choose just to escape from that which is worthy of being chosen.”


  • “Pleasure?
    That which furthers the ego through acceptance.
    That which furthers the ego through rejection.
    All duality feeds ego.”
  •  Ego is the incapacity of the organism to reject stuff beyond its being. Ego is hence an unnatural accumulation, a cancerous expansion.”


  • “There is no ‘my life’ or ‘your life’.
    There is just Life, total.
    ‘My life’ is ego, separation and ends in death.
    Life is oneness and immortal.”


  • “Who am I?
    I am: All that appears far and wide, all that appears close, the world, ego.
    I am:Nothing.
    And, I am:The knowing that these two are one.”


  • “When I am conditioned, there is no choice.
    When I am intelligent, again there is no choice.
    Choice is a device of the ego to feel in control.”


  • “What is ego?
    The idea that I am more alive or more intelligent than anybody or anything else.
    Temporalisation or localisation of life is ego.”


  • “Every meaningful work that I do is based on my concepts, and hence on my ego.
    Let me dance a meaningless dance and live a meaningless life.”


  • “‘I’ ask questions.
    Then I get answers.
    I become the achiever of the answers, and ‘I’ get strengthened.
    Questions and answers feed the ego.”


  • “There is no need to give detailed accounts of your life.
    All your stories are just ego.
    Just admit “I failed”, and you are home.”


  • “Ego evolves.
    I Is.”


  • “What is absent-mindedness?
    Alertness is deep surrender. And absent-mindedness is deep ego. The absent-minded one is busy elsewhere, thinking, analysing, planning…., and missing the Present.
    The mind always wants to be occupied ‘somewhere else’. It thinks it knows where to go, and this is pure arrogance and haughtiness.
    Being absent-minded is the punishment you get for not surrendering, for thinking that your affairs of the elsewhere are too important, that there is something more significant than the Present.”


  • “We don’t surrender the ego. We just park our ego with the teacher in the assurance that he will keep it safe.
    Real surrender means to accept that ego is what you have, and it stinks, and you can’t take the stink anymore. So you give it up. It is not yours anymore; you are free of it.
    But you still own it, still possess it, are still attached to it. So, you search for a convenient teacher who will not hurt your ego. That’s also why you create God – a merciful, affable God.”


  • “Death makes a mockery of all my attachments, emotions, planning.
    Death humiliates the ego, the ego wants to avoid looking at it.”


  • “Two ends of duality look opposite,but are actually same.
    They fight each other,hence sustain each other.
    Like fights like.
    Don’t fight the ego.”


  • “What the ego dismisses as randomness, faith knows to be Grace.
    Ego reasons and finds not.
    Faith surrenders to mystery,and finds benediction.”


  • “God is not the Truth.
    God is a technique.
    It’s the Godly Ego’s Intelligence and Humility to say, ‘I am not God. I am just a servant of God’.”


  • “True love is ruthless.
    Real compassion often appears cruel.
    Only that which furthers the ego pleases you- the ego.
    Dare to love, really?”


  • “Hurt and forgiveness – games of ego.”


  • “Will the ego let go of the ego?”


  • “Love scares the ego.”


  • “Pride and jealousy are dual images of each other.
    Pride is active ego, jealousy is passive.
    Both are domination, insecurity, and pettiness.”


  • “Attention solves the problem, ego takes the credit.”


  • “What is depression?
    Only He is High.
    The one whose mind is not in contact with That alone, whose life is not centered around that High peak, will always find himself down.
    This is depression – an outcome of the ego’s refusal to surrender to the High.
    Depression means that the Highest is unknown to you.”


  • “Freedom from ego is freedom from fear.”


  • “I am nothing but the influence of the others.
    Some of these I know to be influences; the deeper influences I think of as my self.
    Am I?”


  • “‘I know’- the most irreligious statement.”


  • “The Truly spiritual man is young in action, and eternally old in realisation.
    At the centre, he is completely still, like Shiva in mystical stillness.
    At the periphery, he is a lover and a fighter, like Shiva in existential dance.”


  • “When man refuses to live in the Essence, he lives in the periphery, in the inessential.
    See how you have filled your life with the inessentials.
    See how you suffer.
    See how you long for the Essential.”


  • “There is no problem outside of yourself.”


  • “Your life swings between relaxation and tension, love and hate, confidence and insecurity, and all such pairs are unreal.
    Real has no opposite.”


  • “Boundaries are sorrow.”


  • “The wave is convinced that the ocean does not exist.”


  • “The world appeared in it dancing, colorful and bright.
    Swelled up the mirror, ‘Surely I am the source of light.'”


  • “You are not diseased, you are the disease.”


  • “Are you in trouble, or is the trouble in you?”


  • “What you are is what you get.”


  • “I give so much resistance against being harmed. Why? This ‘I’ itself is so very fragile, so weak.
    Being what I am, I will live in fear.”


  • “Is there anything that stands between you and you except you?”


  • “‘I’ exists only in its own eye.”


  • “If and only if I am seriously sincere, I will come to a conclusion: Have Fun.”


  • “To be something is to miss out on everything.”


  • “Individualization is separation for the sake of reunion.
    All loss is nothing but the absurd assumption on which finding rests.”


  • “Neither obsession nor suppression.”


  • “Wherever you are standing, the door is right there. Just enter. Searching is a trick to avoid entering.”


  • “You don’t search to find, you search to maintain the search.
    Finding is the end of the search, and so you must never find.”
  • “The ego’s arrogance is, without me, there is no me.The fact is, without you, there is more of You.Without you, there is the Immense.”
  • “Go to the roots of your anger and you will reach the root of your suffering; the root of your ego. Attack there!

    Don’t find helpless targets.

    Don’t find cheap substitutes.

    Attack the real enemy.”

  • “A relationship based on emotions is a relationship based on ego.”
  • “The ego is billed, nobody else is billed. You have no obligations to pay the bills.”
  • “Love is what ego has for the Truth. Compassion is what Truth has for the ego.”
  • “Think of everything that you continuously remember.Think of everything that finds a place in the memory.It finds a place in the memory only because it is important to the ego.It either promises something or threatens to take away something.

    That is why you remember it, and what you remember is your world.

    Fears and fantasies is what you remember.”

  • “The cessation of the ego’s movement is the submergence of the ego in its Source.”
  • “A relationship based on emotions is a relationship based on ego.”
  • “While on one hand, I will always say, that one must read and read a lot. On other hand, reading is fraught with its own risks and reading can never substitute for a living Teacher.No book is going to come and hold you accountable.
    No book is going to come and tell you on your face that you are cunning.
    A book is a book.
    When those words were spoken they had great life in them. Now, ‘you’ are master of the book. ‘You’ can manipulate the words. ‘You’ can interpret them according to your own convenience, and ‘you’ can quote those words.
    When the teacher is alive then you dare not manipulate him. After he is gone, the words are yours. You do what ‘you’ want to.
    The words will become a plaything in the hands of ego.”
  • “Real prayer is such a deep surrender that – “I am not going to even ask something, because I don’t know what is good for me. I am leaving everything to existence.”
    Real prayer is a deep-deep surrender of the ego.”
  • “To identify the ego, to understand the ego, is to understand that in my life there is nothing called me; there’s only all the external that has been filled in me. And I’m hiding beneath all of that, I’m hiding beneath all of that. To identify the ego is to identify myself. To understand the ego is to understand myself. To understand the ego is to understand myself.”
  • “To understand the ego is also to get rid of the ego. To get rid of the ego is to find yourself out and become a free man. And only a free man takes right decisions in life, with respect to livelihood, with respect to every small thing he or she does day in and day out. The quality of your mind determines the quality of your life. The freedom of your mind is the freedom of your life.”
  • “Deepening of the ego, climaxing of the ego, does not mean that you have to wear more and more identities. On the contrary, it means that you are anyway wearing identities all the time; you just become conscious of them.”
  • “For real action, let the Real act on your behalf.
    Observing the world, one comes to the ego.
    Observing ego, one comes to the Self.”
  • “The ego self lasts only as long as it has not reached its goals. And its goal is not its amplification but its dissolution.”
  • “If you don’t have problems then the ego suffocates.”
  • “You do not need dissolution of the ego. All that the ego needs to know is that ego too is God. But that would be the death of ego.”
  • “Unless God is demolished, the ego cannot be demolished because these are two ends of the same duality.”
  • “If you ever meet the ego and ask it, ‘what is your one wish?’, it would say, ‘I want to die.”
  • “Love is the death of ego.”
  • “Love is the attraction of the ego to the Truth.”
  • “Only a deep and direct surrender of ego will help you.”
  • “Only the ego suffers.”
  • “Attention is a thing of the Heart.
    Attention is about keeping your ego surrendered.”
  • “You have two options:
    1. Remain in the false and search for Truth. Protect your ego and look out for God.
    2. Be firmly seated in the Truth and enquire about the false.”
  • “You are not helpless by chance, you are helpless by choice.
    Our helplessness is a deliberate ploy of the ego to retain itself.”
  • “Fear is the smoke of the annihilation of the ego.”
  • “If the ego is not careful, if it is not touched by wisdom then it will forget that the objects that it is getting attached to, that the objects that it is pinning its hopes upon, are of its own projection. And how can that which ‘I’ have projected bring completeness to me? If I am incomplete, all my projections would also be incomplete, they cannot take me anywhere higher.”
  • “The cessation of the ego’s movement is the submergence of the ego in its Source.”
  • “Wherever there is ownership, there would be shame. Whatever you can own, would be a cause of shame for you. And there is no object that would not bring shame to you. The ego is mired in guilt, and it thrives in guilt. And from this sense of guilt, comes this desire of betterment.” 

  • “The ego’s arrogance is, without ‘me’, there is no me.The fact is, without ‘you’, there is more of You.Without ‘you’, there is the Immense.”


  • “To identify the ego, to understand the ego, is to understand that in my life there is nothing called me; there’s only all the external that has been filled in me. And I’m hiding beneath all of that, I’m hiding beneath all of that. To identify the ego is to identify myself. To understand the ego is to understand myself. To understand the ego is to understand myself.”


These quotes have come from talks and writings of Acharya Prashant


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