• “You are born so that you may be Born.”


  • “There is no realized ‘man’. Because when one realizes, the man is no longer there. One who knows Brahm becomes Brahm. He doesn’t remain a man anymore. That is why the goal to attain realization is an impossible one because the one who makes the goal, dies.”


  • “There is nothing to be attained here except to get rid of all that you have already attained.”


  • “God and Enlightenment are fancy names given to just being Oneself.”


  • “No Buddha ever attains enlightenment. Enlightenment attains Buddha.”


  • “Realisation, or enlightenment, is not an end. It is a continuous beginning.”


  • “The self perpetuates itself by trying to become an enlightened self.
    Only the ego takes interest in enlightenment.
    Enlightenment is ego.”


  • “Do not come to get illuminated.
    Come to get rid of darkness.
    You cannot be given anything.
    You are required to lose a lot.
    Come to give up.”


  • “The image of the so-called enlightened one makes one scared of enlightenment.”


  • “Enlightenment is not one event, it is a continuity in one empty Joy.”


  • “Enlightenment is to feel free of the obligation to be enlightened.”


  • “Enlightenment is not a special feeling; it is the dissolution of the one who feels.”


  • “Enlightenment is the mother of all myths.”


  • “Forget enlightenment.
    Be human first.”


  • “Enlightenment is to be shamelessly unenlightened.”


  • “Nothing hinders enlightenment as much as the search for enlightenment.”


  • “If you can be loving towards a plant, if you can listen to what the tree is saying, if you can be friends with the passing cloud – that itself is enlightenment.”


  • “Enlightenment is the most fundamental myth.”


These quotes have come from talks and writings of Shri Prashant


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