• “Being what you are, you will be found where you must be. So, instead of worrying about your whereabouts, you should be concerned about ‘Who Am I?’

  • “Don’t confuse enquiry with asking questions. Questions are just noise.
    Enquiry is silence.
    Enquiry doesn’t answer questions, it dissolves them.”


  • “Let me not confuse enquiry with doubt.
    Enquiry is knowing.
    Enquiry is closeness.
    Enquiry is faith.
    A suspicious mind cannot enquire.”


  • “The deepest enquiry begins as a tense, ruthless questioning, demanding answers, and surrenders as a humble faith, knowing beyond answers.”


  • “I enquire about you. Even the power of enquiry is yours.
    The only joy I get is the joy of seeing you. That joy too is yours.
    What do I do?”


  • “Enquiry is not suspicion; enquiry requires love.”


  • “Real enquiry happens in Silence.”


  • “Do not ask,”Do you respect me, love me?”
    Enquire whether he is capable of respecting and loving.
    Most people cannot love – anybody, anything.”


  •  “Real enquiry happens in Silence.”


  • “Real enquiry is not about asking questions or seeking answers or striving for the Truth.Real enquiry is in Silence.Real enquiry is about just listening.”


  • Enquiry means a deep burning need for the Truth.”


  • Faith is when all imagination has seized. When even your trust in the fact has seized. Just the enquiry has not seized. And then you just know.

  • “If you have to enquire, then enquire into the ego. That is the only utility of seeking. That is the only utility of enquiry.”
  • “All self-inquiry begins with a recognition of a restlessness within. And that restlessness is nothing but the veil on the consciousness, the veil on the eyes.”


These quotes have come from talks and writings of Shri Prashant


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