• “To have excitement, boredom is necessary.”


  • “When sadness comes, don’t be afraid, don’t resist it. Boldly experience the depths of sadness, let the sadness penetrate you fully.
    In the depths of sadness, there is great joy.”


  • “The world is Dukkha, but it requires a Buddha to see that.
    Ironically, the Buddha experiences no Dukkha.”


  • “Experience gives replication, not creation.
    Real creation does not require the base of past.
    Creativity is causeless. Beyond cause and effect.”


  • “Experience will not give intelligence.
    Intelligence is not an evolutionary product.
    Intelligence is the non-evolving root of all evolution.”


  • “To a mind conditioned over ages, freedom cannot come on its own.
    Experience will not liberate. Only a dedicated conscious effort will help.”


  • “Mind is a discrete variable. Continuity is an illusion created by memory. Every experience has a separate experiencer. What else are moods?”


  • “One does not become wiser with age.
    Sleeping for a hundred years won’t show you the reality.
    It is impossible to learn from experience.”


  • “To relate in love is to relate free of experience.”


  • “Itching and scratching at different places again and again cannot be called as widening of experience.”


  • “Experience is the only way the world asserts itself. Can I remain imageless while seeing? Unmoved while moving? Untouched while touching?”


  • “Yes, It is not an experience. But how else will the mind know it?
    Let the mind be fully open to experience. Laughter, sadness, wonder, anger…”


  • “The world is your self-image. The experiencer and the experience go together.”


  • “Knowing is the absence of experiencing.
    Experiencing requires an experiencer- the sum of memories and patterns, all unreal.
    Knowing is I-less.”


  •  “A solution cannot come from the same mind that experiences a problem.”


  • “As long as you are valuing, learning cannot happen. As long as you are assessing, measuring, learning cannot happen. Learning is invaluable. Experience has zero value.”


  • “The new, the happiness that you are looking for, will not come through experience, will not come through time; it comes when you are a little less insistent upon cheating yourself.”


  • “When life lacks the Essential then it tries to compensate with exotic experiences.”


  • “Learning is the ability to respond afresh to something, to respond free of experience.”


  • “You can run all your life, and gather as many experiences as you want, and for as long as you want, yet if the mind is resting upon a flawed foundation, it will never gain peace.”


  • “The wise man does not expect too much from experiences. The wise man does not make experience the source of his learning. He knows that learning rests within. Experience has no positive role in enhancing learning.”


  • “Become one with life, have the faith that whatever will happen, will not destroy you. Remain open, remain prepared to being wounded a little, and then see how you are left breathless with experience. And that experience, which we are talking of, will be fresh.”


  • “When life is brimming with the essential, overflowing with the essential, then the craving for extraordinary experience is no more there. Because the essential itself is the destination of all experience.”


  • “The answers cannot come from the advice of others; the answers cannot even come from your own experiences in the past. The answers can arise only from your deep presence, right now.
    When you are available to what is there, when you are open to it, then magically, without even trying, you know your answer.”


  • “All processes of consciousness and experience are powered by the ground of pure Awareness.”


  • “Whenever the mind will experience Truth, the experience will end up fading away.”


  • “All experience is wonderful except the attempt to experience God, and that is the only experience we hold as sacred, right?”


  • “All experiences are only of Completeness in Completeness. There is nothing called a partial experience unless you are determined to keep it partial.”


  • “Experience repeats itself only if the experiencer remains the same.”


  • “The experience itself is the identity.”


  • “Do not try to experience the Total; just totally experience whatever is.”


  • “Fear is nothing but the experience of fear.
    Live in fear. And you will see that even in fear you are alright.”


  • “God, Love, Truth – they are not experiences.
    They are freedom from experiences.”


  • “You can either have Silence or an experience of silence.
    And the experience of silence is noise.

    You can either have Love or an experience of love.
    And the experience of love is distance.”


  • “When one forgets about all new experiences then one comes close to the new.”


  • “Experiences are beautiful, only if you are already contended.”


  • In not being this or that, the mind comes upon its essential Peace.
    This Peace is not an experience.”


  • “Only a spiritual man can really experience pleasure and pain, day and night.

    The worldly man is so terrified with experience or so hopeful from experience that he won’t be able to experience.”


  • “It is Grace to suffer from a feeling of separation – viyog. Only the lucky ones experience and suffer in separation. Others are absorbed in their illusory pleasures.”


  • “Never allow yourself to be suspicious. Even if you experience suspicion, remain sure in the middle of suspicion.”


  • “The experiencer is a product of experience & hence cannot freely judge experience.”


These quotes have come from talks and writings of Shri Prashant


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