• “When you believe in your identity, you will never know the reality.”


  • “The one and only objective that the ego has is to maintain a separate identity from the Ultimate, from God.”


  • “Real union is dissolution of the two uniting entities. Love.
    Attachment maintains identity, separation. It’s the absence of union, of love.”


  • “What am I?
    Just that?
    Hope, memory, desire and identity as well.
    All of which, are, again, just fear.
    And fear can’t Love.
    Tough luck!”


  • “Searching for your true identity or your real self, you will just be disappointed.
    The real Self is not yours at all.
    Self is not personal.”


  • “To be something is to miss out on everything.”


  • “The body-identified person respects the doer.
    The mind-identified person respects the thinker.
    The unidentified person respects realization.”


  • “The understanding of a Self or Soul or Atman was given to rid man of his body-identification.
    And man said: The soul is in my body.”


  • “We live to expand.
    Body-identified man reproduces physically.
    Mind-identified man expands thoughts.
    The free man just gives up his limits.”


  • “Do not be paralyzed by suffering, do not be dumbstruck. In the moment of suffering, gather your wits and go close to the sufferer. You will see that the sufferer is a joke.
    The more you look at the sufferer, the more you see that he is a clown. Your attachment to him will evaporate. You cannot now identify with him, or glorify him, or decorate him.
    The sufferer is a joke, and deserves only as much consideration.”


  • “Responsibility does not come with identity; in fact, responsibility comes with freedom from identity.
    Real responsibility is very unpredictable, so it’s very thrilling.
    Fake responsibility is boredom, real responsibility is extremely thrilling.”


  • “Attachment is a side-effect of your basic search for identity.”


  • “The experience itself is the identity.”


  • “Who am I?The honesty with which I admit ‘I am my identities’.”


  • “Your resistance shows that you identify with that which you resist.”


These quotes have come from talks and writings of Acharya Prashant



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