• “If your sleepy eyes are full of dreams, you will not like the Sun rising.”


  • “Beware the man who thinks he understands.”


  • “Desires are bad deals. To get something which is worth five rupees, you trade away something which is worth five crore. To earn bread and butter, you trade away your precious life. To earn a little respect and acceptability, you trade away your precious youth.
    Never say, “I have earned something in the world”, for earning is such an illusion. What you really have, you do not earn. And in the world, whatever you get, you get through trading, not through earning. It’s just barter.”


  • “You do not surrender by thinking about surrendering. You do not surrender by declaring yourself to have surrendered. You do not surrender because surrender is good. You do not surrender out of some virtue contained in surrender. You do not surrender because you have thought it through. And you do not surrender because surrendering takes you to some divine peaceful point.
    You surrender because you are really tired of fighting. You surrender because you see the stupidity and the limitation of mental effort, of your calculation, of your analysis, of your entire thinking process.”


  • “This entire world is a dream, and it is a deep fallacy that when the state of consciousness changes, that when you wake up from sleep in the morning, the dream ends. The dream does not end, the dream changes. From one dream you move to another dream. And if your entire life is just a sequence of dreams then what I am saying is that there is no point feeling guilty about dreaming. Because life is nothing but one dream sequence after the other.”


  • “What is ignorance? That which your mind is full of.
    Whatever your mind is full of, is ignorance.
    Ignorance is not an absence; ignorance is not the lack of something. Ignorance is rather that which fills you up.”


  • “To be human is to have a body of earth and a heart of the sky. If you just have a body of earth with no heart, then you are a puppet, not a human being. Even a puppet has a body, even a puppet moves. To be human is something totally different. To be human is to have the sky in your heart; that great silent vastness in your heart. Then you are human.”


  • “The Sun never rises for closed eyes.”
  • “Ignorance is to call anything as unintelligent.
    Intelligence is to know ignorance as intelligence, complex as simple, limited as limitless.”


  • “A relationship of ignorance is not love.”


  • “‘Ignorance is bliss’ is a satire. There is numbness in ignorance, so one doesn’t feel suffering. Even to suffer, some awareness is needed.”


  • “Rejection of ignorance is dangerous if it implies a belief in knowledge as the Truth.
    Ignorance is only as false as knowledge, and no more.”


  • “The first entity worth knowing is the Self, the Subject. A mind ignorant of the Self remains miserable even if well-versed in other knowledge.”


  • “Any effort at becoming something always comes from an ignorance of that which Is. Even the most magnificent dream proves a sleeping mind.”


  • “Ignorance is not the absence of knowledge. Rather, the mind is just too full of knowledge. This dead knowledge substitutes real knowing.”


  • “Isn’t it amusing that the more ignorant one is of the present, the more desperate he is to build a future!”


  • “The world appeared in it dancing, colorful and bright.
    Swelled up the mirror, “Surely I am the source of light.””


  • “The dreamer rarely knows he is dreaming.”


  • “What is the profit of profit?”


  • “Forgetfulness begets forgetfulness.”


  • “Those who know not where they are will be condemned to do a complete circle to again reach where they are. And then do it again, yet again…”


  • “To get a feel of what infinity means, look at human stupidity.”


  • “I admit the sight and refute the seer;
    admit the periphery and refute the center;
    admit the clouds and refute the sky;
    the rational one am I.”

  • “To have knowledge is ignorance; to be free of knowledge is wisdom.”
  • “The ignorance of one man is the ignorance of all.

    There is no mistake that you commit that has not been committed by somebody else earlier. There is no mistake that you commit that has not been committed by you earlier. The mind of one is the mind of all. So when the Rishi is rebelling against his personal bondage, he is actually rebelling against the bondage of entire mankind and that is how he is useful to all of us. Because our bondages are the same, hence when one man rebels against his bondages, that is a rebellion against that which shackles the entire mankind’s consciousness.”

  • “Anything that happens out of ignorance is violence.”
  • “Separation from the Truth manifests as cunningness or ignorance.
    Ignorance is to be lost in ideas; cunningness is to label ideas as Truth.”
  • “Ignorance is not the absence of knowledge.
    Ignorance is being full of knowledge in matters where knowledge cannot be used.”
  • “Ignorance is not bliss, but what we call as bliss is just Ignorance.

    Ignorance is misplaced knowledge, false knowledge.”

  • “There are a thousand objects, but all objects serve just one purpose – they make you forget the One. The One.”
  • “That which we are is a perpetual starter.One doesn’t need to start, rather one needs to stop first.”


  • Can we say ‘Ignorance is Bliss’?“Ignorance is not bliss, but what we call as bliss is just Ignorance.Ignorance is misplaced knowledge, false knowledge.”


  • “Ignorance is misplaced knowledge, not a lack of knowledge.”


  • “Never think that ignorance exists. Only knowledge exists. Abundance of knowledge is called ignorance. You will never meet an ignorant man. You will only meet a man too stuffed with knowledge. And he will be the most ignorant man you will ever meet!”


  • “Ignorance is not an absence of knowledge. Ignorance means being full of knowledge in matters where knowledge cannot be useful. That is ignorance.”


These quotes have come from talks and writings of Acharya Prashant

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