• “To realise Krishna you have to realise evil. You must know evil as evil.
    When you cannot see the false as false, how will you ever see the True?
    When the false is masquerading as the True, how will you know the True?”


  • “When there is only Krishna, then how can there be evil?
    The evil is a joke.”


  • “Who is an evil man?
    The one who cannot relax. The one who has a thousand responsibilities. The one who thinks that he has any other duty than serving Krishna.”


  • “To see Krishna is to rebel against stupidity. It will not be possible for you to keep participating in rubbish.”


  • “When Maya is seen as Maya, only then Krishna can be seen as Krishna.”


  • “L1: Why does the earthly father hate the Real Father?

    AP: Because the Real Father is the Real one. In front of the Real Father, the earthly one stands no chance. He has been saying: “My son, my son, my son,” for so long. And when the Real one comes, whose son? Son, whose son?

    He is the Father of all fathers. In fact, this is a very common observation — the earthly father will hate the Real father; the earthly lover will hate the Real Beloved. Wives are terribly angry when husbands go to Krishna, very angry, just as the spurious one is angry at the Real one.

    In fact, that is one way to test the love of the wife. If the wife spurs you on, supports you when you are moving towards the Truth, then you should know that she loves you, but if you are moving towards the Truth and the wife becomes jealous and possessive, then you should know that she already knows that she is fake and false.”


  • “When Krishna says, “As I am in myself, so I am in you, and so I am in the rest of the world,” he obviously means that the body does not mean anything. And then how can parents matter, when the body does not mean anything?
    Do you see the inconsistency, how in the same breath we talk of being truthful towards parents and then we quote the Gita? How can somebody quote the Gita and still assign virtuosity to the family structure?
    Krishna is all the time saying, “The family does not matter,” and the family is the supporting pillar of your morality. To be with Krishna, is to be totally beyond morality. Krishna does not at all bother about the family. In fact, he is getting Arjun to slaughter his family.”


  • “Do you know how dangerous Krishna is? To really know him, is to annihilate yourself. Your ways of living, your relationships, nothing can stand the fire of Krishna. That is why you will never really go close to Krishna. You will have an image of Krishna, and keep worshipping it, but you will never really go close to Krishna, because Krishna will destroy you, totally destroy you.”


These quotes have come from talks and writings of Shri Prashant



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