• “When Maya is seen as Maya only then Krishna can be seen as Krishna.”


  • “Maya is the notions implanted in the mind of how things must be.”


  • “Be alert in the small things, small moments. Be cautious of the small traps.”


  • “ I am not the issue. Since you are ever in a dream, I am just another character in your dream. How can a character in your dream help you come out of the dream? You do not know me.”


  • “ To know the false as false, is the movement into the Truth.”



  • “If your sleepy eyes are full of dreams, you will not like the Sun rising.”


  • “Leela is to put your heart, soul, complete energy and complete attention into it despite knowing that it is a game that you can never-never win.That is Leela. “I know that I can never win it. I know that I will be beaten and defeated at every step, at every point. I know that I will be betrayed, I know that I will be let down and yet every single drop of blood that I have, my flesh, my bones, my body, my discretion, my heart all are devoted to what I am doing”. Then you know that you have known it to be Leela.”


  • “At the Center, the Guru, Maya, and you, are all One and Nothing.”


  • “Liberation is the last, and most deceptive, recourse of Maya. All diseases can be treated. But liberation is a medicine that has no cure.”


  • “Leela and Maya: Maya is when one acts in the mistaken belief that the expression is the Essence. Leela happens when one knows essence as essence and expression as expression. When the world takes control of me, it is maya. When I am not ruled by world while still participating in it, it is Leela, and that is the only healthy relationship with world.”


  • “There is the pull of Maya, and then there is the call of God. In between these, the world exists. The world is nothing but a continuous tug-of-war. The Heart versus the mind, the mind versus the mind, God versus God!”


  • “Only the deluded ones talk of Maya. The ones who are in Truth, they see only Truth.”


  • “Guru is the realization that even Maya is Brahm.”


These quotes have come from talks and writings of Shri Prashant


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