• “If you fail to comprehend me, turn inwards. To understand the Truth, you require a Mind full of Intelligence or a Heart full of Love.”


  • “The hurt mind demands caution and restriction”


  • “What is ignorance? That which your mind is full of. Whatever your mind is full of, is ignorance. Ignorance is not an absence; ignorance is not the lack of something. Ignorance is rather that which fills you up.”


  • “As you are, you are bound to have goals. I cannot advice you to not to have goals. Because it is impossible for you. It is impractical for you. You will need goals. Given your constitution, your stage in life, the makeup of your mind, you will need goals. And if you must have a goal then the goal must be goalessness.”


  • “What the Self is; the body cannot be.What the Self is; the mind cannot be.The Self is unlimited and immortal. The body and mind cannot be immortal. But because you are not in touch with the immortality of the Self, so you put the burden of immortality upon the body and the mind.”


  • “Here and now does not really pertain to an objective reality because there is no objective reality.Here and now pertains to the state of mind that the mind is in.All that here and now means is that when the mind is in a particular state, then that state is all that there is.Mind is in temptation; then temptation is all that there is.Mind is in anger; anger is all that there is.Here and now simply means that be alert to what is in the mind”


  • “With God in your heart, you can have the world in your mind and it will be a ‘Godly world’.”


  • “The simple words of the Teacher are not understood by the complex mind”


  • “Mind’s expansion is mind’s contamination”


  • “Mind is nothing but thoughts and tendencies”


  • “A social mind cannot attain individuality”


  • “What arises from the mind will have the same quality as that of the mind. It cannot provide a different quality to the mind. If you think that your thoughts can change your life, they cannot.You move around with a weighing machine, a balance in your mind. And you think that thought X can neutralize thought Y. You think good character will take care of bad character.Thought is not the arrow that will pierce the mind.Your thoughts will not unravel the mystery to you.”


  • “When there in Innocence in the Heart, only then is there Intelligence in the mind”


  • “Healthy relationship is possible only to a healthy mind”


  • “Honesty is not a policy. Honesty is your uncorrupted way of living. Where there is a direct beautiful movement from the Self to the mind, from the mind to the thoughts, from thoughts to action, that is honesty. “


  • “The material mind always want to accumulate knowledge. But material cannot capture the subtle. So, accumulation of knowledge never ends.”


  • “The meditative mind knows all that is essential.”


  • “Mind is at best a collection of habits. Habits are not nature. Patterns are not nature.”


  • “For Innocence,look into the eyes of animals. For Truth,listen to the birds. For Reality,touch some sand. For repulsion,look at a man’ face.”


  • “Have a non-sticky mind, like a non-sticky vessel. A mind where much cooking may happen yet nothing sticks. And better still, have a non-sticky, inverted vessel in which not only stickiness, but even the possibility of accumulation is ruled out.”


  • “What is joy? The celebration of mind on being free from itself.”


  • “What is the only utility of mind? That it can conquer the mind.”


  • “Yes, it is not an experience. But how else will the mind know it? Let the mind be fully open to experience. Laughter,sadness,wonder,anger…”


  • “If an answer comes to the same mind that is asking the question, it is not an answer, but an extension of the confusion that is the question.”


  • “The body-identified person respects the doer. The mind-identified person respects the thinker. The unidentified person respects realisation.”


  • “Rooted in the timeless,its good fun to play around in time. Past and future are mere harmless jokes when the mind is immersed in the Present.”


  • “What we call as knowing, or being awake, is just a burden upon the mind. Great joy lies in not knowing, not being awake, even while awake.”


  • “And laughter is ugly when it arises from reasons of the conditioned mind. Do I know the beauty of causeless laughter, reasonless tears?”


  • “Its easier to talk of social reform rather than individual awakening. Can the society be corruption-free if the individual mind is corrupt?”


  • “Why exists time? To search for its source. Why exists life? To search for its source. Why continues mind? As it has not found the source.”


  • “Separation from the observed event misleads. Science does that- I am watching that atom. Spirituality does that- I am witnessing that mind.”


  • “It is alright to say that the world exists in the mind. And where does the mind exist, except in the mind? The mind is its own concept.”


  • “Be cautious of facts. An imagination, when shared by many minds, becomes a fact. Fact is a shared illusion. Do not confuse fact with Truth.”


  • “An insecure mind, worrying about its own self-interest, cannot love. Love is for those who have stopped worrying about themselves.”


  • “Cause inevitably leads to effect. Cause and effect are one,happening together. Mind can’t see both at one go. This limitation it calls as time.”


  • “We live to expand. Body-identified man reproduces physically. Mind-identified man expands thoughts. The free man just gives up his limits.”


  • “Mind it: Don’t mind it !”


  • “When the mind is deeply occupied, and the object seems all-important, just ask: “Is this really necessary?” Then let go of all that is not”


  • “The question is: How do imaginary beings in their imaginary world use their imaginary mind to discover the Real? Can I find out the bridge?”


  • “Let me not confuse enquiry with doubt. Enquiry is knowing. Enquiry is closeness. Enquiry is faith. A suspicious mind cannot enquire.”


  • “If we were half as concerned about the rape of the mind as we are about the rape of the body. A mind used to its rape calls rape as ‘system’.”


  • “Can’t dance? Why then are you alive? Dancing is goal-less. The goal-driven mind can walk, can run, but can’t dance. That is its punishment.”


  • “So, what lies beyond the mind? More mind. And beyond that? More more mind. So, there is no end to mind? All ends only perpetuate the mind.”


  • “It is not paradoxical, it can’t be Truth. Its opposite is not equally true, it can’t be Truth. It doesn’t perplex the mind, it can’t be Truth”


  • “What is absent-mindedness? Alertness is deep surrender. And absent-mindedness is deep ego. The absent-minded one is busy elsewhere, thinking, analysing, planning…., and missing the Present. The mind always wants to be occupied ‘somewhere else’. It thinks it knows where to go, and this is pure arrogance and haughtiness. Being absent-minded is the punishment you get for not surrendering, for thinking that your affairs of the elsewhere are too important, that there is something more significant than the Present.”


  • “Prayer is your very being. Prayer is beautifully described in Hindi as ‘praarthanaa.‘ – ‘arth‘ means desire. – ‘para + arth‘ means beyond desire. Neither there is anything to pray to, nor anything to pray for, nor there is anybody who is praying. Prayer is nothing. If anybody is prayed to, anything is prayed for or anybody is praying, then that is not a prayer, but an activity out of desire. Prayer is your very being, a very-very silent call of the mind. Deeper the silence, closer you are to praying. The more you can describe or articulate, the more you are present, farther you are from praying. You cannot pray. You can only be prayerful. In every movement of the mind there must be prayer. Only that prayer is heard. You ask for nothing and so surely your prayer will be answered. The Lord listens when you forget the Lord. The Lord listens when there is no Lord.”


  • “Reaction versus Response: To know what is the right action, to really know, you must be available. It demands your complete presence. Reaction arises from a part of your mind. There is always a choice involved. So, it keeps varying. Response arises from your totality. In response there is no choice, just the total. Responding doesn’t go right or wrong. It just is. Response is choiceless. There is no alternative. Reaction versus Response: To know what is the right action, to really know, you must be available. It demands your complete presence. Reaction arises from a part of your mind. There is always a choice involved. So, it keeps varying. Response arises from your totality. In response there is no choice, just the total. Responding doesn’t go right or wrong. It just is. Response is choiceless. There is no alternative.”


  • “Man does not know God. Man can only think of God, and in this he makes two ungodly mistakes:(i) His mind is limited and lazy, and cannot know the material reality beyond a point. So, he postulates that there are certain material things that are beyond the mind. So, he builds a character called God – as a creator of things. All religions have done that. (ii) Occasionally the mind does get startled by a whiff of the non-material. It chances upon love, it flies in freedom, it dances in joy. It realises that there is something beyond the material. But it declares that the imperceptible, the non-material, the ineffable, too can be contained in the mind. So, using the mind, it embellishes the God character and writes stories about that character. The first mistake happens because we keep feeling small and incapable. We suffer from such an inferiority complex that we can’t even admit that a human gave birth to Jesus. The moment we come across an Upanishad, a Quran, a Bible, we relegate them to divine authorship to escape from them. And the second mistake happens because we are damn arrogant. We want to capture the Ultimate in the mind. We want to claim we know God.”


  • “Surrender is absolute. There is no choice of surrendering in parts. Let the mind look at itself. That is the most sacred act. Only then you can surrender. Surrender to whom? Nobody. Silence. Not required. Not surrendering to anybody. Just surrender.”


  • “Nonviolence is a state of mind when it is not separated from the Source.”


  • “Declare your Love. Live your Love; do not hide in shame. Do not lead double lives. It is a blemish on the mind. It rots the self. It is worse than prostitution. You want to sell your soul?”


  • “Love is a great responsibility. We don’t have the fire to do justice to Love. We don’t have courage to Love. Love is not for cold and dead minds. It is the mind illuminated by the flames of its own annihilation into the Ultimate.”


  • “There is the pull of Maya, and then there is the call of God. In between these, the world exists. The world is nothing but a continuous tug-of-war. The Heart versus the mind, the mind versus the mind, God versus God!”


  • “Right action cannot come from prescription. Right action comes only from the right mind.”


  • “What lies beyond mind? More mind. What is more mind? What and lies and beyond.”


  • “Intelligence is not the word ‘intelligence’. Every word is within mind.”


  • “Excellence is not a skill level. Not effort, not output . To excel is to exceed, transcend. Going beyond the mind’s patterns is excellence.”


  • “Attention is the key. In deep immersion, mind stops its usual fare. Time and space as mental constructs too disappear.”


  • “Mind immersed in its source, is the mind in its calm witnessing nature. Such a mind is just one with its object. Immersion,the way of life.”


  • “The past is the mind. Mind not only stores the past, the mind is past itself.”


  • “A joyful spontaneous dance appears chaotic to a mind habituated to patterns. The seer sees a beautiful intrinsic order in the same dance.”


  • “Everything that seems to be happening is based on definite laws. When my mind can’t see the laws behind the events,I call them random events.”


  • “Compassion is knowing that suffering is not necessary, and that the mind can attain to its natural joy. Love is the mind radiating that joy.”


  • “The mind is afraid of understanding. Understanding is a big risk. To understand is to be misunderstood by those who cannot understand.”


  • “My relationship with the world is my relationship with myself. Outer conflict is inner. One who fights his mind quarrels with the world.”


  • “To the goal-oriented mind; To the go-getter: Why are you trying to cure yourself of a disease you don’t have? Just chill. Nothing’s wrong.”


  • “To manage time, see what your mind values.”


  • “Remembering by mind is remembrance. Real remembrance is going close to the centre, this is divine forgetfulness.”


  • “I have an insecure mind feeling lonely and a hormone-loaded body wanting sex. I look for an object to meet my mental-physical need. My love!”


  • “Life is a joke. The attentive mind understands it spontaneously and has great fun. The dull mind keeps thinking what is there to laugh at.”


  • “How will you hear the silence of Being when your mind is full of noise?”


  • “An ambitious mind will remain in conflict.”


  • “Beauty is not a work of mind. It is not a place, person- heard or read. When the ugliness within ceases for a while, beauty is what remains.”


  • “The New isn’t a product of the past. The New cannot be benchmarked against the past. The New is incomparable. A competitive mind is stupid.”


  • “An insecure, fearful mind is due to lack of self-awareness. All identities, sense of self, obtained from outside can be taken away. Hence, fear.”


  • “Love is outbreak. It requires and evokes tremendous energy. A dull mind cannot love. Lack of fire and vigor is a sure sign of lovelessness.”


  • “Only a very sharp and meditative mind can see its own limits and stupidity. Dull and mediocre minds have a deep belief in their cleverness.”


  • “What do we try to save? Stuff of mind like respectability, relations, future. For the imaginary stuff, we lose the real.”


  • “Mind is everything. Everything is mind.”


  • “Till one does not understand his mind-machine, he has no right to talk of love. Funnily, the most self-unaware ones ‘fall’ the most in love.”


  • “To a mind conditioned over ages, freedom cannot come on its own. Experience will not liberate. Only a dedicated conscious effort will help.”


  • “The mind is a slave to influences. It’s a mistake to call some influences as desires, others as distractions. Desire itself is distraction.”


  • “The gross mind sustains itself in extremes. Either it speaks a lot or it doesn’t speak at all, either it is attached with the world or runs away from it, either ‘worldly’ or ‘spiritual’.”


  • “The right response is that which bypasses the mind.”


  • “Mind is a discrete variable. Continuity is an illusion created by memory. Every experience has a separate experiencer. What else are moods?”


  • “Mind is intelligence. Brain is individual knowledge. Mind + Brain= The individual conditioned mind. Freedom is the mind free of the brain.”


  • “Any effort at becoming something always comes from an ignorance of that which IS. Even the most magnificent dream proves a sleeping mind”


  • “The two sides of duality of mind appear as opposites but are always found together. Like the two sides of a coin.”


  • “Time, as it exists in the mind, is a social institution.”


  • “Reality is ‘mind’-blowing!”


  • “Ignorance is not the absence of knowledge. Rather, the mind is just too full of knowledge. This dead knowledge substitutes real knowing.”


  • “Purpose, Goal, Desire- the mind’s attempts to come to an end, a rest. Intelligence is to see the stupidity of desiring to end desire.”


  • “Never say, “I am attentive.” Say, “I am AVAILABLE to attention.” Attention always IS. It is your mind that is not available to attention.”


  • “Our world is our own image. How can your mirror image have that which you do not have? Its stupid when a loveless, joyless mind tries to love.”


  • “To a mind lost in imagination, Reality causes a great deal of confusion.”


  • “The universe cannot be what it appears to be, without the mind being what it is.”


  • “The moment I think of myself, it cannot be myself I am thinking of. My image of myself is another ‘you’ among the infinite ‘you’s in the mind.”


  • “Our language, like our mind, is sex-obsessed. It cannot look at an individual as an individual. It must almost always be a ‘He’ or ‘She’.”


  • “To be happy is to be sad. Happy and sad are not distinct words at all. Happy-sad is a more correct description of the mind.”


  • “Mind lives in images. Happiness is pleasurable imagination. Imagination is dissonance from reality. Dissonance causes sadness. Happy is Sad.”


  • “Technology cannot change the fundamental nature of mind. We live in our minds. Hence, technology Essentially changes nothing.”


  • “The individual mind, fed by senses, operates in limited thought. But THE MIND already knows all. Otherwise, learning is impossible.”


  • “Immortal means outside time. Time is a property of Mind. What is outside time is immortal. Mind can be watched, so watcher is immortal.”


  • “The clever mind’s tragedy is that it distrusts nothing more than itself, and yet has nothing more than itself to find out what to trust.”


  • “What organised religion does to the mind of a fundamentalist, organised corporate does to the mind of a professional”


  • “It is impossible to predict the infinite number of complex shapes that can arise in the mind of a drunkard looking at empty space.”


  • “It requires a highly logical mind to understand the limit of logic.”


  • “My body – exactly whose body?
    My mind – whose mind?
    If I am the body, mind, thoughts, why not say ‘me body’, ‘me mind’?
    ‘Be yourself’ – be whom?”


  • “The split-mind thinks that it can be loving and ambitious at the same time. Can a calculative, insecure, ambitious, planning mind know love?”


  • “The mind thinks about thoughtlessness, desires desirelessness and hopes to live in the present moment. It even plans a free-flowing life.”


  • “Gratitude is the only legitimate function of mind.”


  • “Comparison as a fact and comparison as a disease of mind are two very different “


  • “The innocent mind catches itself acting clever. Only in deep innocence one sees his deep cunningness. Innocence is cleverer than cleverness.”


  • “Solve your mind, all your problems will be solved”


  • “What is attention? The determination of mind to understand. What is meditation? That which begins as attention and ends as understanding.”


  • “One’s choices are the reflection of the quality of one’s mind.”


  • “Let the stupid ones own territories; you own your mind. Reclaim your mind. They have occupied your mind by greed, deception, and fear. Now fight back to take what is yours. This is the only battle worthy of being fought.”


  • “Only a Godless mind will be petty.”


  • “Peace does not mean that the mind is in an unchanging tranquil state. Mind is change. Peace means that in all states of mind, I am at peace.”


  • “Renunciation says: Neither happy, nor sad Realisation says: Happy when happy, sad when sad. In dropping something, mind makes it important.”


  • “Different minds can connect to each other only via their common Center. For a loving relation with others, first connect to your own Center.”


  • “A fake teacher will empty your pockets and stuff your mind. A real teacher will empty your mind itself. With the real teacher, your being will be the payment. Nothing less than that will suffice. The real teacher comes free and is very dear.”


  • “Fear lives on the diet of confidence. The need of confidence is directly proportional to the fear in my mind.”


  • “Three levels of influence. The three fake ‘I’s. 1. When the influence is superficial, you call it influence /imposition 2. When the influence is very deep, you call it your interest. 3. When the influence has penetrated the very depth of mind – you call it your individuality. This is the most chronic and tragic.”


  • “The hurrying mind is rushing to reach, always looking at time. The relaxed mind has already reached, looking beyond time.”


  • “Facts for the mind and Faith for the heart. Facts in the dualistic world and Faith in the non-dual Truth. Facts and Faith- the complete one.”


  • “Mind – The worst enemy, the best friend.”


  • “Only a spiritual mind can know the smallest right decision. That is our tragedy: an irreligious mind cannot take even the smallest decision rightly. His life is just a melancholy tale of an uninterrupted series of tragedies. Only a spiritual mind can take right decision – big or small.”


  • “There is only one fundamental problem – your mind. Just solve the fundamental problem.”


  • “Solve the mind. Dissolve the mind. Then all answers will be there, because no answers will be needed.”


  • “The very movement of mind is its bondage.”


  • “Only two minds culminate in faith: Either a sharp intellect, or simple innocence.”


  • “The problem is not the society, but the social mind.”


  • “Attention is the urge of the mind to relax into understanding.”


  • “What is attention? The determination of mind to understand. What is meditation? That which begins as attention and ends as understanding.”


  • “Mind and body crave to express their already Perfect Source. And that is the purpose of life:Just expression, not achievement. Live the Self.”


  • “The courageous mind solves itself rather than the problem.”


  • “Let the mind look at itself, not Beyond.”


  • “Meditation is submergence of mind in its essence.”


  • “When the mind is a faithful servant, it needs no proofs and feels no fear.”


  • “The core problem is that problems keep the mind occupied and purposeful.”


  • “The world arouses your sensual pleasures in a thousand ways, and simultaneously raises moral taboos against arousal. The result is guilt. Provocation and guilt hollow the mind and sap away its strength. The only way is to avoid both provocation and guilt. Catch yourself being provoked, tempted and ashamed in ways subtle and gross.”


  • “Maya is the notions implanted in the mind of how things must be.”


  • “Let the stupid ones own territories; you own your mind. Reclaim your mind. They have occupied your mind through greed, deception and fear. Now fight back to take what is yours. This is the only battle worthy of being fought.”


  • “Mind is a trader that always makes bad deals. It tries to sell away something that cannot be given away, and it bargains to buy something that cannot be useful. It trades away the essentials- love, freedom, simplicity in exchange for illusions of acceptance, pleasure and security. Hence there is only suffering in each trade, in every action of the mind.”


  • “What is depression? Only He is High. The one whose mind is not in contact with That alone, whose life is not centered around that High peak, will always find himself down. This is depression – an outcome of the ego’s refusal to surrender to the High. Depression means that the Highest is unknown to you.”


  • “There is no substance in laziness. Laziness is just a trick of mind to avoid doing what it is not conditioned to do. Ego finds pleasure only in its deep patterns. Whenever there is an opportunity to act outside the patterns, one starts feeling lazy, or uncomfortable. The mind never feels lazy doing what it is conditioned to be pleased with.”


  • “Our choices are the reflection of the quality of the mind.”


  • “One forgets wisdom somewhere along the ways of mind. One attains to wisdom by watching the ways of existence.”


  • “The mind looks only at what it is getting. It doesn’t look at the complete picture. It doesn’t see what it is losing in order to get. Realize the price you’re paying to get paid while remaining in bondage. Then you will be ready to pay any price for freedom.”


  • “Don’t run away. Where will you go? The rascals are everywhere. Don’t succumb to greed. Don’t fall prey to fear. The mind is your own territory. Reclaim it. Fight with all your might. No half measures. This is the only battle worth fighting. Reclaim the mind.”


  • “Knowledge that is external is always prone to doubt. The thinking mind is always trying and never reaching.”


  • “What can the mind secure? Just our chains. The chains are secured by all our mental activity.”
  • “Spirituality is Intelligence manifested.
    The spiritual mind is sharp, incisive, and simply understands.
    Dumbness is a lack of spirituality.”
  • “Religion is the way that brings the lost mind back to its center; its Home. That is religion.”


  • “True religion is a bit of a rebellion. It is every bit a rebellion, because true religion means getting rid of all the certainties in mind. True religion means, getting rid of what you usually consider precious and important. True religion means, nothing will stay in this mind except the very Truth. Everything else will be examined, seen in its totality, and hence rejected in the favour of Truth. Nothing will remain here, except the one, single, clean Truth.”
  • “Clarity comes only to an innocent mind.”
  • “Whatever is lived fully, whatever comes to a completion, does not remain a baggage on the mind anymore.”
  • “If I understand things fully and let the right action happen today, then my mind will not wander into hopes of tomorrow.
    It will be completely occupied with the great possibility of this moment, of what is to be done.”
  • “Compete, but don’t have a competitive mind.”
  • “Mind is brain plus intelligence.
    This intelligence does not come from anywhere, this is entirely yours.”
  • “To understand the ego is also to get rid of the ego. To get rid of the ego is to find yourself out and become a free man. And only a free man takes right decisions in life, with respect to livelihood, with respect to every small thing he or she does day in and day out. The quality of your mind determines the quality of your life. The freedom of your mind is the freedom of your life.”
  • “Nobody can control his mind. As a man you cannot, because the controlling agency itself is the mind. Where does the word control come from? Where does the urge to control come from? It is the mind. So even if you succeed in controlling it, it is the mind that is still controlling. So how can you say that you have controlled the mind?”
  • “Seeing is very subtle. Blocking and all are not needed. You must give mind a lot of freedom. You must give it all freedom to run amok. Like an untamed bull, allow it go anywhere it wants to. You just keep riding the bull.That requires guts.”
  • “Once you discover your essential nature, that is when mind and body can freely and joyfully engage in doing what they must do.”
  • “Knowing who you are, slowly you dis-identify with these limits. Kindly do not think that there would be miracles and the body would start getting free of its limits. Kindly do not think that you will grow wings and start flying. Kindly do not think that your mind would develop supernatural abilities or siddhis.”
  • “The mind is moving and the Heart is relaxing. The mind is at the foot of the mountain, the Heart is at the top of the mountain. The Heart was always there. The mind is never really going to reach, so do not use the movement of the mind to try to know the location of the Heart. The mind can just be left free. I am repeating this for the third or fourth time, the movement of the mind tells nothing about the Heart but the Silence of the Heart is enough to guide the mind.”
  • “The Teacher does not speak to confuse you. He has no interest in throwing riddles around. He wants to help you. So he has said something. His words are like the Truth – direct, obvious and simple. But to a complicated mind, the obvious and the simple makes no sense. To a complicated mind, the obvious and the simple becomes a great puzzle.”
  • “The complicated mind cannot become one with the simple. The words of the Teacher arise from a point of innocence. With all your cleverness, how will you ever know those words?”
  • “If the Teacher is occupying your mind then remember that only falseness occupies the mind.”
  • “If there is one golden rule in life, remember this, it is –
    ‘You’ are unnecessary. ‘You’ are unnecessarily here. ‘You’ are not needed. Just get out. Your entire system is so beautiful and self-sufficient, it knows what to do. Why are ‘you’ interfering? The eyes, the nose, the mind, the intellect, they all know their respective functions. When ‘you’ leave them alone, they are so happy.
    The memory knows how to operate; the mind knows how to think. They all know what to do. Why are ‘you’ worried? Why can’t ‘you’ just relax? Give yourself freedom and see how beautifully the entire thing operates. You will walk, you will talk, you will read, you will do everything. And you will find that it is happening so nicely, when you are allowing it to happen, without ‘you’.”
  • “When the mind is deeply occupied, and the object seems all-important, just ask: “Is it really necessary?”
    Then Let go of all that is not.”
  • “Healthy relationship is possible only to a healthy mind.”
  • “Do not try to control the mind, just leave it alone and it will extinguish.”
  • “It is the destiny of the moving mind to come home to its own nature.”
  • “The spiritual mind is able to live in this paradox: not knowing even while knowing and knowing even while not knowing.”
  • “Life is to live in an internal innocence even when the mind is dominated by knowledge.”
  • “The mind cannot really know the Self, the Self knows all about the mind.”
  • “Only when the mind is touched by the Real does it know that the Real is missing.”
  • “Whenever the mind would act as per influences, there would be inner conflict.”
  • “The more you are identified with whatever is there in the mind – doesn’t  matter what it is – the more you will be violent, parochial, divided, identified.”
  • “If the mind is the so-called problem then the mind cannot be the solution.”
  • “Whatever has been filled into the mind from outside will depend on the relative criteria from the outside to determine its importance.”
  • “Only the really spiritual mind can think sharply. Not only can it meditate deeply but only that mind can also think sharply.”
  • “Whenever the mind will think about God – even if in all its sincerity – the mind will end up missing God.”
  • “Going by your efforts, you can bring the mind only to the edge of the precipice. You cannot push it. You cannot make it fly. You can, by your efforts, rid mind of all the objects, but any effort of the mind will never succeed in riding the mind of itself. Your efforts will drive away all the objects but the mother object will still remain, because the mother object is the mind itself. That cannot be driven away by the mind. For that you require Surrender and Faith.”
  • When you realize that you can be the watcher of the mind, that you can be distinct from your thoughts, then there is no need for you to engage in compulsive thinking. Now, you ‘are’, even when there are no thoughts.

    I see that I AM, when I think. And I see that I AM, when I do not think.’

  • “Until you drop your cleverness, you will remain a victim of your own cleverness.”


  • “All your questions emanate from yourself and hence cannot take you beyond yourself.”


These quotes have come from talks and writings of Acharya Prashant


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