• “ Body is memory, body is conditioning. Let the conditioned remain conditioned, but ‘you’ must operate on consciousness. Memory is not a substitute for consciousness.”


  • “ To know the false as false, is the movement into the Truth.”


  • “ You remember excitement because it is active, its movement can be seen. You do not remember boredom because it is passive, its movement cannot be seen.”


  • “ Being what you are, you will be found where you must be. So instead of worrying about your whereabouts, you should be concerned about ‘Who Am I?’


  • First look at what you are and let life unfold from your being.”


  • “If I observe standing separate from the event,the observation is just an I-centric thought. Real observation is immersion, one with the event.”


  • “Disown the self, disown the actions of the self, and disown the shame associated with the actions. Shame only reinforces the ego. Shame comes out of a misplaced belief that you are better than your action. Just observe the games of the self, naked, shamelessly.”


  • “Observation is not meant to comfort you. Observation is not meant to keep you nicely settled in your sofa. Observation will shake you up and that is why people don’t want to observe.Observation enables Right action.Observation must disturb you. It must shake you up into action.”


  • “When I say, “Go out and watch” and when I say, “Go in and watch”.I mean, “Watch so that you know what you need to do. Watch out so that you know that the world needs change. And watch yourself so that you know that the outer change will only follow inner change”.”


  • “Here and now does not really pertain to an objective reality because there is no objective reality.Here and now pertains to the state of mind that the mind is in.All that here and now means is that when the mind is in a particular state, then that state is all that there is.Mind is in temptation; then temptation is all that there is.Mind is in anger; anger is all that there is.Here and now simply means that be alert to what is in the mind”


  • “Observation turns into understanding when the distance between you and your object reduces.How does that happen? That happens when the boundary that you have built, the boundary that you call as ‘I’, the boundary that separates you from the object, that comes down.That is the point when you understand.”


  • “Sun never rises for closed eyes”


  • “To understand something, observe without concluding”


  • “Spirituality is science turned inwards – it looks at both the subject and the object”


  • “Want to end sorrow? Then stop fearing it. Go close to it, observe it, embrace it, love it, and become one with it. Is sorrow just sorrow?”


  • “Nothing separates the idiot from the wise except a willingness for honest self-observation.”


  • “Observe your own life, and you will know the Truth.”


  • “Reality does not exist independently of observing activity- called attention. Reality is born when attention comes in close contact with it.”


  • “If the observation is an honest observation it changes the observer and the observed both.”


  • “What is really observed ceases to exist during the observation. When it is really being seen, it disappears even while it is being seen.”


  • “Separation from the observed event misleads. Science does that- I am watching that atom. Spirituality does that- I am witnessing that mind.”


  • “In a shaking mirror, everything appears to be shaking.”
  • “Don’t turn observation into an activity; observation happens on its own.”
  • “When you are relaxed, then there is no need to observe. Observation is not need. It cannot happen because you are telling yourself to observe. It cannot happen out of some purpose. When you are internally relaxed, then a subtle observation is automatically happening.”


  • “Observation is free, total, open, and honest.
    It is not biased, prejudiced and pre-decided.”


  • “Let these eyes not only look only at the superficial.Have eyes that really look.”


  • “That which you’re looking for is behind the looking.”


  • “The eye cannot look at itself but whatever the eye looks at is the proof of the eye.”


  • “Self-knowledge is obtained by self-observation.”


  • “Observation is the point from where you begin. And if you are insistent enough, then you reach the point of witnessing, where there is only the witness and not you. When you begin observation, then you very well know what is being observed. But as the observation keeps getting deeper, then only the observation remains, and the observer keeps disappearing. Ultimately there is no observer and hence no memory.”


  • “Just observe. Questioning is an activity.”


These quotes have come from talks and writings of Acharya Prashant


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