• “When God answers your prayers, then he rejects your desires”


  • “Prayer is your very being. Prayer is beautifully described in Hindi as ‘praarthanaa.‘ – ‘arth‘ means desire. – ‘para + arth‘ means beyond desire. Neither there is anything to pray to, nor anything to pray for, nor there is anybody who is praying. Prayer is nothing. If anybody is prayed to, anything is prayed for or anybody is praying, then that is not a prayer, but an activity out of desire. Prayer is your very being, a very-very silent call of the mind. Deeper the silence, closer you are to praying. The more you can describe or articulate, the more you are present, farther you are from praying. You cannot pray. You can only be prayerful. In every movement of the mind there must be prayer. Only that prayer is heard.  You ask for nothing and so surely your prayer will be answered. The Lord listens when you forget the Lord. The Lord listens when there is no Lord.”


  • “Real prayer is a life of surrender.
    Real prayer is when you say, ‘If I pray, then that prayer is worthless. So I won’t even pray. Whatever I do, would always be tainted with my incompleteness.’”


  • “Real prayer is such a deep surrender that – “I am not going to even ask something, because I don’t know what is good for me. I am leaving everything to existence.”
    Real prayer is a deep-deep surrender of the ego.”


  • “The universe has nothing to do with your prayers.
    It neither accepts them nor rejects them.”


  • “If you can pray without dissatisfaction, only then your prayers will be answered.”


  • “Your motionless, thoughtless, expectation-less silence is the only prayer possible, there is no other prayer. You verbalize it, and you lose it. When you are feeling alright with yourself, then that noiseless silence is the expression of your gratitude. You are silent because there is nothing to be noisy about. That is your thank you.”


  • “What is meditation? What is prayerfulness? It is a movement into peace.”


  • “It’s the sweetest misfortune that you can have. It’s a divine tragedy.

It is the holiest blow that can strike you.

Pray that it does strike you, and shatter you totally.

And then, the right action happens.”


These quotes have come from talks and writings of Acharya Prashant

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