• “Problems are only for the ego.”
  • “Do not desire to solve your problems. See that desiring has caused all your problems. Don’t add another desire, don’t begin another problem.”


  • “Solve your mind, all your problems will be solved”


  • “Realization does not solve problems; it leaves them behind.”


  • “There is only one fundamental problem – your mind. Just solve the fundamental problem.”


  • “The problem is not the society, but the social mind.”


  • “The courageous mind solves itself rather than the problem.”


  • “The core problem is that problems keep the mind occupied and purposeful.”


  • “When you are absolutely sure of your fighting, the fighting is divine. Problem is not the fight, but our lack of sureness.”


  • “To the worldly man, the world is a continuous problem, a buzzing tension To the wise man, the world is joyful revelation, a continuous relaxation.”


  • “Those who understood gave us God. A God beyond dualistic pleasure-pain, problem-solution. And man turned God into his petty problem-solver.”


  • “Till you are there, problem will be there. Till you remain the same, problem will remain the same. Your conception of yourself IS the problem.”


  • “All of man’s problems arise from wanting what he does not need.”


  • “Awareness is a point untouched by problems.”


  • “There is no problem outside of yourself.”


  • “If life is dull and lacks ease today, why seek a cure in the future? Problem is in the now, solve it in the now. Ambition is a false medicine.”


  • “Frustration of desire is called problem. Desire to end frustration is called solution. Both being desire, there can’t be a solution to problems.”


  • “Understanding is a point at the center that no problem can attack. Understanding is a particular presence that makes flow possible and yet is independent of the flow.”


  • “It becomes beautiful when in the middle of the problems, there is ‘no problem’.”


  • “What we call as ‘worldly’ love is based on the foundation of problems.”


  • “The world is a movement of your happenings. Some happenings are problems and some are solutions.”


  • “To think of the solution is to believe in the problem.”


  • “When ‘everything’ is a problem, then ‘nothing’ is a problem.”


  • “Attention solves the problem, ego takes the credit.”
  • “Mind invents dummy problems to escape looking at itself – the real problem.”
  • “The only way to solve the problem is to surpass the problem.”
  • “If you find yourself in big problems, just realize that the way out is small action.”
  • “A solution cannot come from the same mind that experiences a problem.”
  • “Loving yourself means having no problems with the facts of your life.”
  • “Be cured within, then all your relationships will fall into place. Do not think that it’s about one particular person, that my relation with one man is unloving. It’s not about your relationship with one particular person, it’s about your relationship with yourself. It’s about who you are.
    If you have relationship problems, turn within, look at yourself. Do not look at that man or that relationship. Turn within. The solution lies there.”
  • “Realization does not solve problems, it leaves them behind.”
  • “Don’t wait for that grand and golden day when all your problems will be gone. In the middle of the problems, be problem free. That’s the way of living.”
  • “A situation is a challenge only when you feel something about you is at stake.
    A thing becomes a problem only if you have something at stake, only when you feel that the external input, the external stimulus has the power to take something from you.
    One unnecessarily believes himself to be a handicap, and a challenge, or a problem comes in the form a thief and the thief takes away your crutches. And you suddenly discover that you can walk, not just walk, that you can even run.
    You have to value peace. You must know the value of peace. You have to come to the fact that peace is invaluable.
    And if you do not come to this fact, if you do not make the right decision, then the penalty is that you will suffer.”
  • “Till you are there, problem will be there. Till you remain the same, problem will remain the same.
    Your conception of yourself is the problem.”
  • “If the mind is the so called problem then the mind cannot be the solution.”
  • “If you don’t have problems then the ego suffocates.”
  • “That which we do to solve our problems only feeds our problems.”
  • “Your support to thought is the problem and your support to thought comes from your lack of Faith in the Total.”
  • “You cannot be the problem solver because you yourself are the problem.”
  • “The problem is not that you couldn’t find, the problem is that you began searching.”
  • “The pattern gets energy from your resistance to the pattern.”
  • “There is no load that you can take seriously.
    What you take seriously is the load.”
  • “If you do not clutch it desperately, your inner hollow will vanish on its own.”


These quotes have come from talks and writings of Acharya Prashant


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