• “Where there is identification, there is bound to be conflict.”


  • “To know why a man and a woman are in conflict is to know why world is in conflict.”


  • “Whenever the mind would act as per influences, there would be inner conflict. And that inner conflict would become the conflict of the world also.”


  • “Confidence is tension, so is fear. You want to be tense? Confidence means that there is something that you have to be confident – ‘against’. I repeat, confidence means that there is something that you have to be confident- ‘against’. Which means there is conflict, there is strife, there is violence, there is fear. Otherwise, what is the use of confidence?”


  • “Hesitation is there because there are too many masters. Hesitation is there because there are too many pulls and all of these pulls are in conflict with each other. There are too many voices and none of them are mine, my own voice is missing, all external voices are dominating my mind.”



These quotes have come from talks and writings of Acharya Prashant

When you are helping without reason, it is compassion

ALC 1.17 (1)Question: Sir, Do love and Compassion play a role in the process of awakening?

Acharya Prashant: Love and Compassion are not instruments. Love and Compassion are not stuff that can be used as a means or as a method. Awakening, Love, and Compassion are all synonyms. They are three different words only because we talk of them in different contexts. It is like one thing being looked at from different sights in different moods from different perspectives.

Essentially, all three of them are pure Emptiness. What we call as Awakening is not really an awakening. To awaken in the normal sense of the word means to become Conscious. To awaken in the normal sense of the world means to have a mind that is now ‘active’. You start saying that now you can think, analyze, see, determine, conclude and compare, that is what you do when you are awake; in the common usage of the word. Continue reading

If you are absolutely sure of something, there is an absolute need to enquire

May 2018 TL_Poster 12

Question: What is meant by dropping the doer?

Acharya Prashant: Dropping the doer means not supporting the doer.  The doer is a helpless, powerless, parasitic being. The doer can survive only as long as somebody else supports him. The doer has no life of its own. The doer is survived, maintained and furthered by your belief in the doer. So, it’s simple, doubt the doer. Do not stand behind him. Do not keep supporting him. Do not be his friends; for the parasite has no friends. The parasite only has a host.

Whenever a thought arises within you, immediately an alarm must go off – Another Trap. Whenever you feel that you are sure of something, immediately an alarm must go off – Another Failure. Whenever you are sure of something, absolutely sure, that is when you must be absolutely sure that you are being fooled. Of that which you are totally certain in life, that is what your curse and your bane. That is what is meant by getting rid of the doer. Continue reading


BFB Final Poster

Why life is not Lively?
Why am I always thinking about society?
Why am I insecure?
What am I searching for?
What is my deepest desire?
How do I know the right path?
What makes Life worthy?
Why can’t it be so simple?
Why does the mind wander?
and more…
“The quality of this moment
decides the quality of life.
If this is life, then the worthiness
of this moment
is the worthiness of life.”
~ Acharya Prashant
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The Heart is enough

gen 1Listeners: I was reading a book of yours, Personality. It was written that whatever you liked from your heart, the same thing you should do in the outer world. But if we talk about it ina practical aspect, maybe in a professional or personal life point of view, that is something other, that people expect from you and mostly it is considered failure. What to do to connect the internal as well as the external world?

Acharya Prashant: Two things, firstly, what we usually call as our heartfelt liking, has not much to do with the heart. It is just another part of the conditioned mind. The heart is no particular entity. It does not have any set likes and dislikes. It is not in favor, or in opposition, of anything. It does not like activities. It does not have expectation from activities. And, what the heart might suggest is never knowable in advance.

One cannot come up and say that this is what my mind wants, and this is what my heart wants, and there is a conflict. The ways of the hearts are very very subtle, not comprehensible, not knowable, purposeless, indeterministic. Just because one has a sharp like for something, and that likeness might be mixed with some emotionality. It does not mean that the liking is arising from the heart. Continue reading


  • “Immortality is not a stretch in time; immortality is a depth in the moment.”


  • “Immortality is not about living a thousand years, or a trillion years. Immortality is about living a life time in this one moment.”


  • “To be immortal is to know that which is beyond the conditioned circuit of the body-mind.”


  • “To be immortal is to know that which is beyond the conditioned circuit of the body-mind.”


  • “Guru hence is freedom from the great fear of death. With ‘Gu’ there is only death. With ‘ru’ there is neither birth, nor death. In ‘Guru’ there is immortality in the middle of death.”


  • “Surrendered and in the Present, one is immortal. And the moment you are busy with time, you are again moving towards death.”


  • “We try to express our nature of eternity, of immortality in various ways, in various unsuitable ways. I repeat, we do not like death precisely because we know that we cannot die.”


  • “Immortality goes one step beyond ‘freedom from death’. It is freedom from ‘freedom from death’. It is freedom from death and freedom from no death.”


These quotes have come from talks and writings of Acharya Prashant


  • These are like two wings of a bird. Support of an external Guru or scripture and your own independent observation. When both are fully functional, then you really take off. One should not miss out on any of these.


  • “The scriptures are there so that all the nonsense that gets accumulated in the mind may be burned down. That is their purpose. They are like a match stick.”


  • “The scriptures, mind you, are not Truth. They are a tool.”


  • “The scriptures talk of falseness, rather than the Truth.”



These quotes have come from talks and writings of Acharya Prashant