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Shamelessly, guiltlessly, continue with your wandering ways


Question: Two years ago, I left my job, my girlfriend and my home. Since then, I am okay but now I don’t know whether it is okay to run away? I wonder at myself.

Acharya Prashant:  But do you have an obligation to not to run away? What makes you feel that running away is a sin or a crime? Are you running away from life or are you running away from disturbance? Are you running just away from something or are you running towards something? Important to ask! Or you just running?

You have no obligation to not to avoid something. You have no obligation to remain a part of the system. It is the system that teaches you that running away from the system is a crime. Why must you feel guilty of avoiding the system? Yes, run away. By all means run away. Why must you not run away?

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The right purpose of the Teacher’s words


Question: Sir, from past three years, I am reading your books and  I have interpreted some meanings of it. But from past three years, my meanings have changed, means it depends on my state of mind like to what extent I am grasping the explanation.

Acharya Prashant (AP): You are waiting for the right decision and you are saying that if I take a decision, it must be the final one and the right one — this is arrogance.

You can only decide as per your limited condition. So be surrendered, be truthful and then whatever is the decision that comes as right to you, execute it; don’t wait.

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Our arrogance is in the same measure as our fear

Our arrogance is in the same measure as our fear.

Let us be direct, simple and humble.

Let us just say, ‘Yes, there are these scriptures, we wrote them, the son of a man wrote them and these books are beautiful and they are sacred, that means that there is beauty and holiness within me. Otherwise, how could this book come? There is nothing repugnant in man’s mind. It is from man’s mind that the Upanishads and the Bible are arising’.

So man’s mind is great. Let’s just accept it.

And while accepting it, let us parallely bow to the fact that even though man’s mind has climbed these heights, yet, he is nowhere close to the Ultimate.

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The ways of Grace are impossible to know


Question: Sir, I have to do daily practice to bring myself back to the centre but for some people, it seems that it happens immediately. Why is it so?

Acharya Prashant: Lady, what is your name?

L1: Noorie.

AP: If you want something with all your heart, would you want it right now or would you want it tomorrow?

L1: I would want it right now.

AP: If you want it right now, would you adopt a path? Is not sadhana a path? If I want something right now, would I adopt a method or would I just stand up and with all the energy in every single cell of my body cry out, ‘I want it right now’? Continue reading

When you refuse to know it is because you believe that you already know

Question: Can this happen that ‘I don’t know and I don’t even want to know, and that there will always be something more to know’? Can this happen that a person thinks that ‘I am so peaceful that I don’t even want to know’?

Shri Prashant: You see, these are two different things, extremely different things. One can say that ‘I do not want to know’ because it is unknowable. So, wanting to know would be my insolence, would be my arrogance. Because it is beyond me; hence, laying a claim over it would be beyond my grain, would be beyond my rights. So, I cannot say I want to know. I don’t even have the rights to say that. That is one thing. It is a humble statement of surrender. Continue reading

How to drop the personality?

Questioner: What are the practical ways by which we can move towards dropping personality?

Speaker: No! Going by the discussion we have had so far, look at the semantics of your question – “What are the practical ways in which we can move towards dropping personality?”

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