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We hardly ever relate in love

Relationship can be of any type. Relationship can involve multiple levels. Right now you’re sitting on a chair, there is a relationship between you and the chair. Right now there is this mic in front of me, there is a certain relationship between me and mike. You use your bike, there’s a certain relationship between you and your bike. It is not necessary that every relationship involves love. However, if the mind is loving then love will be present in all relationships. Get these two things together and parallelly.

We relate with so many and so much, people, animals, objects, ideas, bodies, the sense of self, we relate with them all, but we hardly ever relate in love. You can have a relationship your entire life without the relationship being a loving relationship. Yes, you would have a relationship, but there would be no love in it, it would be dry. Love is so fine, so tender, and so subtle, that those who have known have even gone to the extent of saying that love should not be called a relationship at all.

They have said that the word ‘relationship’ is a totally spoilt word. The word has become abused. So, when you say ‘relationship’, it should only mean a pre-scripted, definite, predefined, stale kind of relationship. When that is how you connect to the other, then using the word ‘relationship’ is fine. But when two people are together in love, and when I say ‘two’, and I say ‘people’, ‘two’ can mean anything from one till infinity, and ‘people’ can mean people, thoughts, ideas, things, animals, anything.

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Giving back to parents

21762214_1227353527370622_921021697824714700_nL: I feel that I should give all the things to my parents, and everything. I internally feel that. That is nothing coming from the society. I feel that they gave me so much so I should give them too.

AP: See, it’s a very obvious thing if you would see. There is a recent case. I think just happened three or four days back. Probably, in Hyderabad or some other city in the South. A mother is refusing to breastfeed her newly born girl. Have you read that case?

Two babies were parallelly born. The nurse takes one out and calls out for the parents. Accidentally, the parents of the other baby that happens to be a boy, this first one is a girl, they come out. They take that baby so they get swapped. Within hours it is discovered that this mistake has happened. And when the hospital staff tries to correct the mistake, both the mothers insist that the boy belongs to them. One of the mothers is 22 years old, the other is 20 years old. Not old really. We have graduate students of that age. Correct? Continue reading

When the false has become a habit, then the Truth would never be a choice



You will only choose that which is conventional; which is a circulation. You will choose one of these masters that have become popular these days.

The Truth will come to you not as a choice; sometimes as a compulsion, sometimes as a coincidence. 

Question: Why do we have to fill in telephone and email address in the form?

Acharya Prashant: So that we may chase you.


L1: We don’t want to be chased. We like to be free!

AP: (Smiling) No, that is not freedom. If you like to be free, you will anyway block the number or put the email in spam. Continue reading

Love and animals

~ Love and animals ~

Today I played with and hugged a street dog. The dog welcomed me with its wagging tail and enjoyed the massage that I gave to him.
I make friends with animals so easily. I just forget everything in the company of these innocent beings.

I was not the same just two years before. I was so afraid of even rats let alone dogs.

It is the company of Acharya Prashant that showed me how beautiful is the friendship of these simple beings. They are not just friends, they are Guru, who teach us how to live without the use of language.

When people ask Acharya Ji who is your Guru, He says, these rabbits, dogs, birds, river, mountains.

I remember Acharya Ji saying it once: “How do I know? Birds, animals, insects told it to me. First I confessed ‘I don’t know’. Then sat by them as one of them and all was obvious.”

I could have never known how my fear was so false and how beautiful it is to be and play with animals.

Two things I learnt: Innocence is Real freedom, and how false fears are. They are just imaginations based on stories told by society.

I would say being with Acharya Ji is so deep learning. What He says reflects in the smallest of his actions of his daily life or rather I would say He speaks of what He lives.

~ Devesh Mittal ~

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Joy is the taste of Ultimate madness


Acharya Prashant: Sagar is asking, ‘Will we have to leave all our relationships?’ Then you are inviting me to speak on relationships, and what kind of relationships do we have?

L1: The question is related to my personal life, like as I am becoming fearless, I am losing my peer group, I am losing my friends. So shouldn’t I take that into account?

AP: So are we saying that we cannot have a fearless relationship with our parents? Continue reading

In true Love, you forget the lover


Don’t tell all of their

They might
Count each other’s moles
That reside in the shy

Then keep that tally strictly
To themselves.

God and I
Have signed a contract
To be even more intimate than

Though a clause

Something about not drawing detailed maps
To all His beautiful


~ Hafiz

Shri Prashant: Lovers know each other. Lover of God knows God. Lovers don’t talk about that which is very intimate in public. They do not like to discuss all the core secrets with others. They do not like to tell of these things to anybody. These things have a certain sacredness. These things must remain untouched. They cannot be shared with the world. Oh, they are so sacred that they cannot be shared even with oneself. They are so sacred that you do not want to tell of them even to your own mind. If you put something in words and speak it out, then you are speaking out an entire word. Not making it public. You don’t let your intimacy become a public thing. Forget about words, if you even think about something, then you have at least let your mind know about that thing. Continue reading

In asking for a kiss, you break away from the kiss


A pair

Of mismatched newlyweds,

One of whom still feels very insecure,

I keep turning to God


“Kiss Me.”

~ Hafiz

Shri Prashant: What would happen if you are already in a lip lock and you are saying “Kiss me”? What would happen if your lips are already sealed against the lips of Beloved and you feel the need to use words? You want to confirm. You want to be sure. You want to give your formal consent. It is so important for you to ensure that you are being kissed because you said that you wanted to be kissed. And you are in a lip lock, what would you do? You will break away from the lover and say, “Kiss me”. Continue reading