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On Jesus Christ: Why do we want to ‘see’ first and then believe?


Dear Acharya Ji, Pranam

Thomas had a great doubt about the resurrection of Jesus. Why is it so necessary for us to see first and then believe? Then after seeing we doubt our seeing. How do we rid ourself of this suspicious attitude?

Acharya Prashant: It’s obvious Nimisha. We are people identified with the ‘body’ and the ‘senses.’ So we would believe only that which the senses tell us.

It’s not really necessary for everybody to visually, optically, see first and then believe. Such a thing is necessary only for the man who believes in his eyes. Only the man who believes in the world that he sees with his eyes would want the proof of Godliness admissible through the eyes.

He has already declared that what the eyes are showing to me is True. That’s his belief. That’s his fundamental assertion. What my eyes are showing to me is True.

So, when you would tell him that something is True, obviously he would demand that it would be visible through the eyes.

Isn’t it obvious?

He is saying what the eyes are saying is True. He believes in the body, he believes in the eyes, he believes in the world. Now, you tell Thomas such and such thing has happened. Jesus is back. He would immediately say that if he is back then my eyes should be the proof. I should be able to see him. And not only should I be able to see him, my hands should be able to feel his wounds. Because this is the man who lives by sensory experience.

He says that this is True, it exists (pointing to a glass in his hand) because the skin is offering a proof of its existence. You can feel it via the skin. So even to be certain that Jesus is back, he’s saying that I should be able to verify his existence through my skin.

The one mistake that such doubting Thomas’s make is that they do not see that what they are seeing is not really True. They do not know Trueness. Instead, they have a concept of Trueness which is ‘imperfect.’

Real trueness is time independent.

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We all keep bearing hell in the hope for heaven

We all keep bearing hell in the hope for heaven, don’t we? There is nobody here, who is not chasing a heaven. The heavens have different names, different forms, and definitions. But we all are chasing heavens, thereby living in hell. Tiredness is to see that you have chased enough. Not only have you chased enough, factually too, you are repeating your old tricks, tricks that never worked in the first place! If they didn’t worked once, how will they work now?

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Be fully tired



Questioner: Sir, if I give up myself and all that the world has taught me, all the layers of knowledge that I have gained, then how will I function in the world? Won’t it actually be a physical death than just a mental one?

Acharya Prashant: Why must you function in the world?

Listener 1: That’s what I am saying, it would be mental death also.

AP: Question is, why must you continue to function in the world?

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How to know the subconscious mind?


Acharya Prashant: What is it that is lying hidden but waiting to come out?

Listener: Subconscious.

AP: And what is there?

L: That which is not in conscious.

AP: (Smiles) and are they two related?

L: Yes.

AP: So, the conscious is talking of the subconscious, at least that much relation is there. What does the conscious mind know of the subconscious?

L: Unpredictability, only the feelings and characters.

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Now is not the Present, now is an imagination


Listener: Speaking of the illusion of continuity in the world, did yesterday really exist or is it a feeling of we have ‘now’, to support the illusion, the only reality.

AP: Yesterday never talks of yesterday. Tomorrow never talks of tomorrow. Assuming that they were, you talk of them. When? And whenever you are talking of them, you are in?

L1: Present

AP: Now. No, not really in the Present. Because if you are talking of this and that then surely you are missing the present. If you are talking of yesterday, tomorrow and all such fancies then you are a little displaced from the Present. But the ‘now’ is what you are believing in – the now as the part of the flow, now that comes after yesterday and comes before tomorrow.

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What to stop? How to stop?


Acharya Prashant: I want to talk about something that is fundamentally, tremendously important to all of us. Most of us are here for a reason. Most of us are anywhere for a reason. What is the reason? The reason usually is the desire for something new, or a dissatisfaction from something that appears to be existing.

I want to talk about continuity and cessation. There is something that is continuing. There is something that the mind wants to continue. There is something that the mind wants to cease. We say we want to stop what is going on and we want to begin something new. This search for the new takes several forms – spiritual quests, material ambition, efforts towards relationships, travels, many a things. That’s what I meant when I said that most of us are here for a reason.

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If sex is sex and food is food, then you are home


Listener 1: Some things that I still like, for example I like sex or good food, some other things; could that be blocking me from realization? Or it’s not that?

AP: See how simply you can accept that you like food or sex. How simply you can accept that. It’s okay, it’s fine.

The only thing that you can call as a block is the thing that you do not acknowledge. So you are blocking, that is the block. You are blocking the acknowledgement. One has, as an offshoot of Prakriti, as a current in the whole flow of Prakriti, one has all the right to like good food, like good sex, like this and that, be entitled to his likes and dislikes; be honest.

Be honest; what was this? Good sex. Now don’t call it love and commitment. Be honest; what was it? Good food. Now don’t say, “it was a great spiritual experience.” What was it? It was a good intestinal experience. It was a good experience of the tongue. Now don’t say, “It satisfied my soul.”

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