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Krishna is a continuous creativity

Those who claim to respect Krishna are the ones who are actually full of contempt towards him.

They are the ones who limit him to a statue.

They are the ones who make him into a poster and put up on some wall.

They are the ones who do the unthinkable act of celebrating the birthday of Krishna.

This is evil.

The process of Krishna never begins and never stops.

He is a continuous creativity.

His every movement is Gita.

Artificial intelligence and Real intelligence

First Question: In the age of artificial intelligence, where does man stand in front of machines?
Second question: What kind of personality development does man need?
Acharya Prashant: Computation and information technology has been, and is, evolving rapidly. Machines bring with them the benefits of efficiency, scalability and predictability. Everything that a computer system, a mechanical arrangement, can take care of will be sooner than later assigned to the machines. Which means that all pattern based jobs – work that involves repetition and adherence to procedures – will go to machines. This is happening, and will happen, not only in engineering and management fields, but in all fields of human activity.

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Man is purposeful, God is purposeless


Question: Has God–the creator, created all this without any purpose? Are we born without any purpose?

Acharya Prashant: When you say God has created the universe, then in our limited sense of using the word creator and creation, we say that just as man creates this (pointing to a nearby object) God too, creates the universe. All that we have known in the name of creation is manufacturing, building. When you say creations then you really do not mean creativity, you mean manufacturing. And, that is our idea of god—some kind of a manufacturer. Who is sitting with some kind of a blueprint and he is creating the earth and the rest of the universe with his hands. Continue reading

To maintain silence is to maintain yourself; your silence is the noise that you are


Question: Why is it so difficult to give up on yourself even though it is the cause of so much suffering?

Acharya Prashant: It might become easier had we not been using these attractive names. Knowledge is such an attractive name. Is it not? Now suffering is called knowledge and knowledge is pure – “How can I give it up? I am here to give up my impurity, not my purities.” Continue reading

The only way to clean yourself is to immerse in the ocean of the Self

Speaker: Is there any freshness possible to somebody who is beyond corruption and fatigue? If you cannot get stale, how will you get fresh?

Who gets stale? The mind.

And who gets fresh? The mind.

The very usefulness of going to one extreme of duality is that it makes the other extreme possible. When you sleep in deep fatigue, you’re deeply tired and you go to sleep, you have guaranteed that you will wake up fresh. Is that not so? If you are feeling restless and you are having insomnia, it is great if you go and run for five kilometers. You come back, you fall asleep and you will wake up very fresh. Whereas if you push yourself to sleep, then you will keep waking up intermittently, and finally when you do get off the bed, you will keep feeling tired.

Deep tiredness ensures good freshness. So, freshness is nothing great. Freshness is nothing of the beyond. The freshness that you are taking of is just the opposite of tiredness. Real freshness you do not know. Your freshness is just a consequence of being fatigued. Real freshness is something transcendental. Real freshness is creativity. Real freshness is when you look at the world with fresh eyes. Real freshness is when you look at yourself freshly. Real freshness is to be reborn. That is Real freshness.

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Love is an opportunity to know yourself

Speaker: Do you understand the difference between creating and building? Mind builds, intelligence creates.

All love starts as nearness, all love starts as an urge for nearness. It will always start in the mental domain, always. It could be sexual; it could be any other desire. Continue reading

Creation without knowledge is creativity

Question: Sir, how can I be a creative person?

Speaker: A person is not creative. The word ‘creativity’ does not go well with the word ‘person’. Creativity is a state in which creation happens without the aid of past knowledge.

Mostly when we build something, it is just a continuation of the past patterns. “I know something. I take that. I mix it up. I juggle it up, and then I come up with something. And I call it ‘a new creation’. Continue reading