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Cuteness kills us by making us fond of itself

Beauty is not the same as attractiveness, sensuousness, or cuteness.
It had become clear to me at a young age that cuteness is a myth.
Either there is Truth, or there is falseness. There is no third thing called cuteness.
Truth and strength are one, but Prakriti needs to protect weakness for her own ends.
Whenever Prakriti wants to protect something that is weak, it conditions us to find that weak thing cute.
Ego is often cute; ignorance is often cute. That is often how ego survives. 
Cuteness kills us by making us fond of itself.

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Cuteness is false.

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As some of us know, the best of sessions by Acharya Ji are the unplanned ones.
Free Hearts Camp, December, has a two-year-old participant. She is just too ‘cute’ to be ignored. Acharya Ji glanced over this little girl, observed her style of walking, and blessed us with a spontaneous and raw discourse:

Listener: Acharya Ji, the way this girl is walking is so tempting and cute.
Acharya Prashant: Of course, there is something genuinely lovable and valuable about kids. But, is that which is valuable about a child?
To me, a child is beautiful because she is not yet socially conditioned. It is not her cuteness that makes her beautiful.

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