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2019 New Year Resolutions by Acharya Prashant Ji for all of us!


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1. Keep a diary aside to routinely write down how many minutes you spent of the day on your liberation/mukti and write in it how many things in the day you shouldn’t have done but प्रकृति made you do them (hormones, body, mind etc. are प्रकृति)? Show this diary every week to some one to whom showing it might be dangerous.


2. In your monthly expenses, note down how much did you spend on liberation/mukti, food, body, sense gratification, pride, attachment and so on and after that did you have anything left to spend on liberation?


3. In the entire month, where ever you were present, how much of your presence was liberation oriented? In all of your daily travels, how many journeys were for mukti/liberation?


4. Every week, have a target of Upanishad/Scripture readings that you’ll complete and after reading, note down the essence in your diary.


5. Every month, give up one thing from your food and beverages and add one or two new things. At the end of the year, 12 things should’ve been removed and added (hint: don’t give up only things that cause you harm but give up those things that cause animals harm in the form of exploitation).


6. Every day, from any category of the world (history, science, religion, geography, etc.), you must learn atleast one new thing. For e.g. learn a new thing from a Wikipedia article every day (spend about 10-15 minutes only).


7. Choose any one physical sport and before 2019 ends, gain enough expertise in it that you may competitively play this physical sport with any one.


8. Learn a new skill; preferably something related to singing or playing a musical instrument.


9. In order to raise awareness towards environment and the violence towards exploitation of animals, become a volunteer or part of an institution focussed on such a cause of raising awareness.


10. If you don’t have a shortage of money to spend, then take the responsibility of food and education of a poor child. This doesn’t mean that you go somewhere and pay the money but in fact make sure of the proper development of the child by being actively involved in her/his holistic development. Treat her/him like your own child. It’s not necessary to bring him to your house but it is imperative that you prioritize his overall development by giving your time to the child.

Originally said in Hindi by Acharya Ji here: https://youtu.be/jwcE57tdgP8

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How is the spiritual dimension different from the mental dimension?

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Question: Sir, what do you mean when you say that Joy, Love, Peace are of another dimension?

Acharya Prashant: You may run very hard but, despite all your speed and the distance you cover you would still not fly upwards into the sky. Running is a dimension that can take you very-very far, on the earth.

On the earth you will go very-very far, if you run and you set it out and if you are committed to the discipline of running, you will reach very-very far on the earth, but, that would not take you even an inch higher into the sky.

Rising into the sky is not something that, you can accomplish by running hard and harder. This is called a dimensional difference. It is not as if running does not accomplish anything. Running accomplishes a lot, on the earth. But, no amount of running can take you to the sky. Continue reading

Is our life destined and pre-planned

Question:  Is our life destined?

Acharya Prashant: Of course it is destined. Don’t you see that? Otherwise, why would life exist? Life exists, so that it may meet its destiny. And as long as it doesn’t, it remains restless. Mind exists, so that it may meet its destiny. And the destiny of the mind is Peace — the dissolution of mind. That is your destiny.

Listener 1: Is everything pre-planned?

AP: Not in the sense of meeting the destiny.

Destiny and planning are not the same thing. Nothing is pre-planned. You can proceed as per your planning but if your planning is not in sync with the destiny, then your plans will only give you more suffering. You are free to do whatever to do. You can go right, you can go left. But if you must go right, and you go left, then going left, you will keep suffering.

So, planning is in your hands. The mind plans. You can plan whatever you want to.

L2: That’s freewill.

AP: Apparent free will. It is not free because ultimately it has to surrender. What you call as freewill must ultimately surrender. But as long as it proceeds as free, it keeps on labelling itself as free. We have beggars who are named karorimal’ (a rich person). So, one can call desires as freewill, it’s alright!

L3: Sir, does it mean that if presently, the mind is peaceful, then we are proceeding in the right direction?

AP: It cannot be peaceful if this doubt is there, or if this desire to ascertain is there. When the mind is peaceful, then there is no need to determine whether it is peaceful. And what would come out of that peace?

Peace is an end in itself. Peace does not lead to anything.

L3: No question should arise once peace is attained.

AP:  Even this is an imposition upon Peace.

A lot can arise from Peace, but still, Peace is an end in itself. That is why whatever arise from Peace is complete in itself. Because Peace is complete, hence what arises from Peace does not lead to the incompletion. So, questions can arise, comments, doubts can arise from Peace.

Kindly give-up this image that when somebody is peaceful, then he will not speak anymore. By that standard, I must be the most peace less person.

~ Excerpts from a ‘Shabd-Yoga’ session. Edited for clarity.

Watch the session: Acharya Prashant: Is our life destined and pre-planned?

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The result of action can neither enhance you nor reduce you


Question: When I want to do something, I plan a lot. But in the spiritual domain, it is said that planning is bad. What should I do, because when I don’t execute my plans, I don’t get the desired outcome?

Acharya Prashant: No, plan fully and execute fully with all your mind but remember fully that neither the action nor the result of the action, can mean much to you. Neither can it reduce you, nor can it enhance you.

What’s the fun in playing the game if you are not playing wholeheartedly? Continue reading

No need to work hard

22Question: Do goals always limit us, or can they be helpful as well?

Acharya Prashant: The method is to always ask, “Whose goals?” You have done the exercise named, ‘Who am I?’ You have done the exercise called, ‘I in identity’. You ask, “Do goals always limit us?” Do goals exist in a vacuum? Or are they always somebody’s goals? Is a goal something that is devoid of a context? Does it hang on a tree? Does it rain from the clouds? Or is it always something attached to something?

Continue reading

The Langoor is more secure than us, go get a tail



If you are anxious about paying the bills, simply keep the bills small. Or don’t raise the bills. Unless there is a bill, where is the question of payment? Simple!

The intention is to keep raising bills. So, first of all, for the sake of pleasure, one wants to generate bills and then, one throws herself into horror by thinking, “Now how will I pay these bills?”

Do you see such a self-defeating cycle?

Question: I cannot bring the courage to believe that life will provide for me. Each time I try to, my ego arises and only I feel that I have been irresponsible. Continue reading

When you refuse to know it is because you believe that you already know

Question: Can this happen that ‘I don’t know and I don’t even want to know, and that there will always be something more to know’? Can this happen that a person thinks that ‘I am so peaceful that I don’t even want to know’?

Shri Prashant: You see, these are two different things, extremely different things. One can say that ‘I do not want to know’ because it is unknowable. So, wanting to know would be my insolence, would be my arrogance. Because it is beyond me; hence, laying a claim over it would be beyond my grain, would be beyond my rights. So, I cannot say I want to know. I don’t even have the rights to say that. That is one thing. It is a humble statement of surrender. Continue reading