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How to convince one’s parents for the Truth? And how to convince doctors?

How to convince one’s parents for the Truth

Question: Acharya ji, there is someone in my life, who is close to me. But, when I talk to that person, the person doesn’t listen to me. But, I know that deep down, he is a sensitive person, and wants Truth. How do I deal with this person?

Acharya Prashant ji: The more certain you are, that you are approaching the person, with the only intention to show him the light, the easier the process will be. If the intention is pure, then the process is quicker. And this empowers you a lot, because now you have something to work upon.

If you just say that the other person does not listen to you, then you are helpless, because you anyway have no control over how the other person thinks, and responds, and reacts, and lives. But once you know, that the other person’s response, is dependent on purity of your intentions, then that enables and empowers you, because now you can work upon yourself. And by working on yourself, you can cause a quicker change in the other person.

So work on yourself. May be that will have an impact on your opening statement itself. The way you said, “There is somebody in my life,” the way that fellow exists in your life…..

Listener: I am not talking about my love life. I am talking about my father.

Acharya ji: I am saying, the way that person exists in your life, itself would get modified. When we say, “There is somebody in my life,” what we actually mean is that, the person is actually in our mind. And in the mind, there is nothing without a purpose, or a reason.

And as that reason or purpose gains purification, the place of that person in your life, that is your mind, changes. And then, working becomes far easier, with respect to that person.

We must be careful that it is not for egoistic reasons, that we want to take the battle to someone. “I have known that devotion is important. You too must learn that. And if you don’t learn that, I probably take that as personal insult, or a personal defeat.” I may be exaggerating.

You have to be absolutely certain, that it is only because of love, and only because of kindness, that you want to bring the light to the other.

Listener: I have seen that in him. So, I know that it’s there. But, it’s not gaining shape.

Acharya ji: That would be catalyzed, through your transformation. May be, he simply can’t believe that there is life beyond his ego boundaries. May be he just has nothing to fall back upon. Nothing to lend credence to the assertion that transformation is possible, that real love is possible.

But if you stand in front of him, as a living, walking, talking proof, in flesh and blood, then he will have no option but to admit and agree. You see, most people, suffer from a genuine lack of conviction. I am calling it ‘genuine’, because they actually do not have any proof available in front of them.

For example, i may just hold forth on selfless love here, for two hours. And the lecture might be flawless. The statements might be immaculate. Everything might be just in place, totally in place. Yet, somebody can just stand up after those two hours, and tell me, “It does not exist. Yes, you made a great speech on selfless love, but it does not exist.”

What would convince him? What would give him conviction? Not a speech on selfless love, but actually a touching display of personal love. Display that is not merely an exhibition, that is not purposeful, but that which is the essence of the speaker. Such a display.

So if you stand in front of him, different, transformed, radiant, he will have to admit the light. He will have to say, “Ah! Now even the daughter is a proof against my beliefs. How will I refute this indisputable proof?”

Unfortunately, there are very few proofs available, therefore people are faithless. And worse happens, when those who tout themselves as proofs of the beyond, turnout as scandalous turn-coats. That dents the already fragile faith of the entire world.

Are you getting me?

The world is already struggling when it comes to faith, because there are very few proofs available. Now, somebody comes up and says, “I am the living proof. Look at me. I am the revolutionary. I am the social worker. I am the Guru.” And one day it turns out that the fellow is a fraud. Now, faith, that was already fragile, has been further attacked. And it is now shattered.

Therefore, most people find it very difficult, to believe in the beyond.

Listener: Acharya ji, I am from medical profession. It is very difficult to convince the doctors about spirituality. They don’t relate to it , at all. They ask you questions like,”Where is the soul? Where is the soul in the brain?” So, I have no answers for them. However, I do believe in spirituality.

Acharya ji: Ask them that why do they want an answer. When somebody asks you, “Where is the soul?”, ask him, “Why do you want this answer? What would this answer give you? And that which this answer would give you, show that to me, in a CAT Scan, in an MRI, on a weighing scale. Show it to me anywhere. Show it to me on any of your medical instruments.”

You ask me that where is the soul, or you ask me any question, I will give you an answer. If the answer is any thing, then it should give you some thing. Now, show me what it would give you. Show it to me using the most sophisticated medical device.

That which the answer gave you, is called ‘contentment’. And that contentment cannot be seen physically, but contentment does exist. It cannot be seen physically, but it does exist. And the proof of it’s existence is, that right now you are asking me this question, right?

Doctor, you asked me where is the soul. I do not know whether a soul exists. But I am certain that you are curious. And if you are curious, then you want to satisfy your curiosity. Your curiosity  is the proof that something beyond the physical, exists.

Your curiosity is the proof that something beyond the physical exists. And not only does it exist, it is so fundamental and important, that you are asking me this question. Had it not existed, why would you have wanted to satisfy your curiosity? It exists, and it is so compelling, that even doctors are curious.

Even doctors ask questions. Even doctors say, “I love you.” Now, show me where is love, in the body. And if there is only the physical, then doctor, please admit right now that you do not love your son, your daughter, your wife, your parents. Admit that there is no love in your life.

And if you do have love in your life, then you will have to admit, that there is something beyond the physical, because love cannot be seen in an X-Ray machine.

So, love does exist, and it is not physical – both things are certain. Love exists, because the doctor says that he loves his wife. Love exists. The doctor is the proof that love exists. And love is not physical, because love cannot be seen in any physical test, nor does it have any physical dimension.

So, something beyond the physical, not only exists. It is central, fundamental, super-valuable. This is called spirituality, doctor!

Excerpts from a ‘Shabd-Yoga’ session. Edited for clarity.

Watch the session:  How to convince one’s parents for the Truth? And how to convince doctors? || Acharya Prashant (2019)

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Why do you avoid me? || Acharya Prashant on Khalil Gibran (2018)

Why do you avoid me

“No man can reveal to you nothing but that which already lies half-asleep in the dawning of your knowledge.”

~ Khalil Gibran

Question: What is the role of a spiritual teacher is one’s life? How does life change in the presence of a spiritual teacher or a Guru?

Acharya Prashant: You already know. And I said that it’s a wonder how you pretend that you are ignorant. You already are fine, perfect, healthy. And you already know everything that even the best of teachers might teach.

The great wonder is not your ignorance, but the pretense of your ignorance. 

All that I have told you, is something you knew, even before me, even without me. I just spoke it out. I just spilled the beans.

The entire crowd knew that the king is naked. I am like that petulant child, who shouted out. But the king is naked. I wasn’t the first one who noticed it. Everybody knew! But you have your reasons to keep silent. I have reasons to shout out.

The difference between us is not that you do not know, and I do.

The difference between us is, that you act as if you don’t know.

And I do not want to act that way. 

You have dreamt-up some interest in remaining poor. And I am conscious. I do not know what that interest is. That is the difference between you and me.

You know, so many people are scared of coming to me, listening to me. Meeting me face-to-face is an absolute horror to them. Why? They haven’t yet met me, they haven’t yet listened to me, they haven’t yet had a face-to-face to me, why are they scared in advance?

There fears are well-justified.

They are afraid because they already know what I would say. It’s a funny thing. Often those who listen to me, do not know what I am saying. But those who avoid me, definitely know what I am saying.

Those who do not listen to me, know me perfectly well. Those who listen to me, may sometimes fail to resonate to me. But those who stubbornly avoid me, will vouch for my authenticity. They know that there is something really authentic here, that ought to be avoided.

We all know!

Whenever you will avoid me Deepika (the questioner), rest assured, there is something that you know, to be depraved. And you still want to do it. And you would avoid me, just because you do not want the pretense to be exposed.

The True Teacher, in that sense, is never a surprise. He is absolutely predictable. At times, I know, I have said that the True Teacher is absolutely unpredictable. But, from where I am speaking right now, the True Teacher is totally predictable.

You know that the Sun would give nothing, but the light. It’s a done thing. No exception or aberration is possible. So if you are fond of lazying around, and sleeping, you block out the Sun, don’t you? Why do you block out the Sun? Because you know for sure, that the Sun, would send down nothing but brightness, through your window.

Had there been some doubt, you would not have pulled down the curtains. Even before the sunrise, even before you are going to sleep, if you have decided to wake up late, what would you ensure? That the windows are all blacked out. Because, it is a matter absolute predictability, that the Sun would only send the brightness down the window. There is no doubt. The Sun is predictable! So you take counter measures.

Those who avoid the scriptures, are in some sense, great fans of the scriptures. They know how powerful the scriptures are, and therefore, they will not mess with them. We know. We all do this.

And I will never really be able to appreciate why we live, as we do not know. That would remain, a great wonder to me.


Excerpts from a ‘Shabd-Yoga’ session. Edited for clarity.

Watch the session:  Why do you avoid me? || Acharya Prashant on Khalil Gibran (2018)

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Answer to “Acharya Ji, I am afraid of you and don’t trust you.” || Acharya Prashant (2018)


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Question: Acharya Ji, I am afraid of you. The reasons are:

First reason is that of authority.  

And second reason is I want something from you and there is no total trust in you.

And I am afraid of that being found out.

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Should one want liberation? || Acharya Prashant, on Vivekachudamani (2018)

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Mumukshatva is the burning desire to free oneself by realising one’s true self from all bondages, from that of egotism to that of identification with the body, which are bondages imagined due to ignorance.

~ Vivekachudamani (Verse 27)

Questioner: Dear Acharya Ji, Pranam,

Desire seems to the root cause of misery. Should be even desire for liberation, freedom and guru?

To have the right intention in conscious and to remain surrendered in everything we do. Is it right? Is liberation even possible without grace?

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Helplessness of the Guru || Acharya Prashant (2018)


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Acharya Prashant: In some sense, it is very cruel to be a Teacher, absolute helplessness one experiences, one feels like asking, why does one have to inflict daily wounds, rather carnage upon himself.

You know what is it to be a Teacher, to know everything and have power over very little, you can see but you cannot act on the other’s behalf. The admission and the action has to come from the other and it is very cruel, to know, to see and yet not have the power to translate the seeing into action.

You can tell someone, ‘Kid, this is the path of destruction, leave it!’ but you cannot forcefully pick the kid up and take her away. You see these things happening in front of you all the time, and can’t stop them, you can’t stop them because fellows have to live their own lives, you cannot live on their behalf, you cannot get into their mind, their body and soul, and start living as if you are them, you cannot give them an ideal script.

Isn’t it a bizarre thought?

To live on somebody’s behalf, life cannot be outsourced. The coach cannot play on behalf of the player. It is extremely frustrating.

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Why do I speak to you? || Acharya Prashant (2016)

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Questioner: This process that you mention, of observation, is that something that you put into your life?

Acharya Prashant: I don’t think about my own life, so how can I take care of it?

And I am not giving an ideal answer.

Since you asked, I am saying. I really think very very little of my own life. Last nine days, I don’t know whether I have thought of myself. I don’t know whether any of these people have thought of themselves. Thinking about yourself is a sure way of missing yourselves

Q: I am asking this because I have not heard anyone saying what you are saying…

AP: So, what does that prove?

Q: How do you formulate these…

AP: I am not formulating any of this.

Q: Why are you up there and saying all that you are saying, from where does this come? How did that happen?

AP: Why is the wind blowing?

Go, ask the wind.

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When does one find the final spiritual teacher? || Acharya Prashant (2018)


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Question: Dear Acharya Ji, Pranam. I have observed that the mind gets colored with the subject, that I get myself involved into. Firstly, it was Osho, Krishnamurthy guruji, Adi Shankaracharya, Romy and Ashtavakra and now the subject is you. Ever since, I came in touch with you, I feel colored with you. When will it happen that I settle down in my real nature of the source where am I going wrong? When will my search end? What am I missing?

Request for your help.

Acharya Prashant: You are making a fundamental mistake. You are treating the Teachers as colour pots. You are treating them as subjects.

By your own admission, you say, ‘I have observed that the mind gets colored with the subject that I get myself get involved with’.

Teachers are not subjects.

You do not read them.

You get read in their light.

Do you get the difference?

Please meditate. You do not read a teacher, you get read in the light of the Teacher. You get read. You read yourself. If you say that you are using the Teacher to colour yourself, then the basic material is remaining the same. The poor Teacher is just the colour on the surface. And you are stubborn and insistent that you will not allow the Teacher to penetrate deep enough.

Colours do not change the cloths, or do they? Colours do not change the wall or do they? Colours do not change the car, or do they?

You asked what the mistake is, you are making.

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