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Knowledge is always stale

You stand in front of the mirror, who looks at the image? You! And who is there in the image? You!

You project and you look. The world is like this. Getting it? That is why, the ones who realize, I have repeatedly said that knowledge is always stale. There can be no real newness in knowledge. You can never really have knowledge of that, which is outside your most fundamental conditioning. You can never read a CD that you have not been programmed to read. Now the contents of the CD might vary. Understand this.

But your hardware is programmed to read only particular type of CDs. That CD can have any kind of content. Now, the real new is not the knowledge. The real new is something else. The real new is a sense of freshness within, not dependent on any kind of mental activity. The ones who depend on knowledge end up getting bored. So, they keep giving themselves more and more knowledge based inputs. And when I am saying ‘knowledge’, I mean the aggregate of all sensory inputs.

So, to get rid of the boredom, they keep feeding themselves more and more sensory inputs and yet the boredom never goes away. The reason is simple. Whatever you are feeding to yourself, you have fed it a thousand times earlier. So, it cannot remove your boredom.

You have seen the movie a thousand times earlier. the name of the movie might have changed. Apparently, the story line has also changed. But, it’s the same thing -same attraction, same violence, same suspense, same murder, same killing. Alright! Different names of the characters. Alright! Different faces of the characters. But the fundamentals are the same, the hard-wiring is the same. So, even if you watch a fresh movie, a so called fresh movie, you still emerge from the theater, long faced and bored. There is no freshness in it. The same old drama, attraction, repulsion, coming close, going away, anxiety, happiness, sadness, relief, responsibilities, obligations, pressure, revolt; Same things!

Because my system is the same!

You see, if you paint your face in a thousand ways, and go and look at yourself in the mirror. But will you ever be able to deceive yourself that the man you are looking at, is you? After all, you are projecting it, so, how can it be new? Getting it?

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The more you search, the more you will not find


As long as a scholar makes a search or an investigation, so long that is indeed not met with, since it is not at all graspable. 




Acharya Prashant: So, keep searching and you will not find it. Because that, which is to be found, is found only in stillness. The more you search, the more you ensure that you will not find it. Then does that mean that we should not search for it? No! You must search for it. Why?

Now, get this point very-very clearly! Why should you search for it?

Because searching is your habit!

You are anyway searching for a thousand things. Get this very clearly. Why must self-inquiry be done? Why must searching take place? Because you are curious about a thousand things. Had you not been curious at all, self-enquiry would not have been needed. But, you are curious. You want to know. Your senses are looking for knowledge all the time. Because you cannot do without knowledge, hence it is advised that why don’t you go to the root of knowledge and inquire into the absolute. Continue reading