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Immersed in life, you will not ask how to spend your life

Questioner: Sir, how should I spend my time?

Speaker: Whatever you have in imagination, can be spent only in imagination. Do you really have time? If you have time, show me where is time? You are talking about spending life. I am asking you, do you have it? How will you spend it? How will you spend it? Where is it? Where is time?

Yes, we all are living in the illusion that we have time to spend. But where is that time? Where exactly is the time to spend? Do you have even one second with you? One second? Forget about time as a large quantity. Do you have even one second to spend?

What do you have, to spend? What is it that you really have with you?

Listener 1: Sir, the present moment.

Life Vs. TimeSpeaker: And that present moment is so small, that you cannot say anything about it. By the time you say anything about it, it is already gone. So, how will you spend it? By the time you pull it out from your pocket and try to spend it, that moment is already gone. How will you spend it? Are you getting, what I am trying to say?

Where is time? Except in the head, except in the imagination; where is time? You don’t really have time. You have Life, but not time. You have the opportunity to live, but you don’t have time. Living is possible, but spending time is not possible.

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Why do we choose to suffer silently?

Question: Why do we choose to suffer in silence, to not fight back? Does all frustration need to be voiced?

Speaker: If you will not suffer, how you will write this question? If you will not ask this question, how will this form get filled? If your form does not get filled, what will happen to your participation? What will I speak on? Your suffering is very important to keep your mind moving. If you do not suffer, things will come to a standstill. Suffering gives you a lot of food for thought, and lot of ammunition for violence.

“I am suffering so I get the right to fire here and there, to shoot down a few people.” Why? “My suffering has earned me a license to be a little revengeful.” Getting it? Something has to keep happening. If you will not be in pleasure, then you will have to be in silence.

So, what does pleasure take away? Silence. And what does pain take away? Silence. They might seem like opposites, but both pleasure and pain are good devices to keep you away from silence.

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Confidence is fear

Question: What is the difference between confidence and over-confidence?

Speaker: It seems that this question is important to many of us here. Right?

Listeners(everyone): Yes, Sir.

Speaker: What is confidence? On a normal day at home, do you require confidence to speak to your parents, to other family members? Before you speak to them, do you gather courage, do you gather confidence and then go there? No, you don’t. So, you don’t require confidence at home. You must be having some friends? When you are speaking to your friends, do you require confidence? No. But you surely require confidence when you are speaking to an interviewer. Then you say, ‘I require confidence’. Correct?
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The ecstasy of random aimless wandering

Listener: Sir, I could not understand the motive of not setting a goal in my life. If I do not have an aim or goal in my life, I do not think that there is a reason or spark in my life. If I have my goals, I will put all my energy to get them. If I won’t have any, I would go through different phases, and my energy would be dissipated in different ways.

Speaker: What goals did you have when you were 3 or 4 years old?

Listener: Anything like may be getting a chocolate.

Speaker: Why did you not stay firm on that goal?

Listener: Sir, because I got it.

Speaker: So, the chocolate was achieved, yet the goal remained. Anything beyond the chocolate, that remained, constantly.
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Let life be a spontaneous unplanned flow

Question: Sir, as I am asking a question to you, I am not thinking, I am directly asking the question. This means that, I have will power. This is confidence. Suppose there is a situation where we need to manage our time for the day and we have to plan our schedule where we can manage our time for certain activities and academics.

When I make a certain schedule, that I will do this at certain point of time, I am not able to stick to the timetable and then the time-table goes into the dustbin. Why does this happen? Why I donot have willpower to follow the plan? Continue reading

Forget perfection, live fully

Question: How to take those tasks in which I am perfect?

Speaker: He is saying that he feels that he should take only those tasks in which he is perfect. He should not work unless there is perfection. He is asking me to comment on it. Just as we have talked about a lot of things today and said that they are of two kinds, similarly, perfection also is of two kinds.

The first is the idea of perfection. There is a frog living in a well, there is a frog who has lived all his life in a well. The frog jumps from one place to another place in the well. Obviously, where else can he go. According to that frog, what would be the perfect jump? What would be the maximum distance the frog can cover in a jump?
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Planning is a dirty escape from the present

Speaker: Be present to life and that is sufficient, improvement will come. It will happen on its own. You know, there are people who when they want to reduce weight make great plans. When it comes to the moment of exercising and jogging, then I am absent. After that, what do I do? I make plans. What can the plan do? You are sitting in this building. Do you have an escalator over here?

Listener 1: Yes, Sir.

Speaker: Why to use the elevator? The great opportunity is right there. Walk, run, climb. But you will make a plan; a diet plan, a calorie plan. You will not walk up that staircase that is right in front of you. The stairs are right here. You will not climb them, but you will make a plan. And the plan gives you so much of happiness. I have done it; security. You won’t study. When the moment of studying is there, you won’t study, but you will make a plan.
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