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What is meant by right thinking and wrong thinking?

All that human mind has, comes from somebody else. All your notions of right and wrong come from others. At your age, should you not inquire from where you have obtained these notions of right and wrong? Somebody told them to you. Right? Somebody else told you that always speak the truth, don’t lie, don’t hurt others, respect your elders, and that is right, and if you steal, then that is wrong.

But the world is still full of thieves. Forget about theft, we have dacoits. Forget about stealing ten rupees, here the order is of billions and all those who are stealing these billions were kids once, and they all have been given the concept of right and wrong and yet the world is full of rapists, murderers and thieves.

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You are wonderful, beautiful, awesome, simply as you are

Speaker: Virah wo aag hai jise parmaatma swayam fuunkta hai. Parmaatmaa ke liye hai, aur use phuunkta bhee wahi hai. (Longing is the fire which is stoked by God Himeslf. It is for God, and is stoked by God.) Continue reading

The only way to clean yourself is to immerse in the ocean of the Self

Speaker: Is there any freshness possible to somebody who is beyond corruption and fatigue? If you cannot get stale, how will you get fresh?

Who gets stale? The mind.

And who gets fresh? The mind.

The very usefulness of going to one extreme of duality is that it makes the other extreme possible. When you sleep in deep fatigue, you’re deeply tired and you go to sleep, you have guaranteed that you will wake up fresh. Is that not so? If you are feeling restless and you are having insomnia, it is great if you go and run for five kilometers. You come back, you fall asleep and you will wake up very fresh. Whereas if you push yourself to sleep, then you will keep waking up intermittently, and finally when you do get off the bed, you will keep feeling tired.

Deep tiredness ensures good freshness. So, freshness is nothing great. Freshness is nothing of the beyond. The freshness that you are taking of is just the opposite of tiredness. Real freshness you do not know. Your freshness is just a consequence of being fatigued. Real freshness is something transcendental. Real freshness is creativity. Real freshness is when you look at the world with fresh eyes. Real freshness is when you look at yourself freshly. Real freshness is to be reborn. That is Real freshness.

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Externally you may be comparable but Essentially you are beyond comparison

Question: Sir, why is comparison required for growth and what is the real meaning of comparison?

Speaker: Why is comparison required for growth and what is the real meaning of comparison. As we look at the world, all we see is things, objects, materials, and everything that we see with our eyes or think of with our mind has a definite shape, size and other characteristics. Right? It is limited. And whatever is limited, can be expressed as a number. Whatever you see around yourself can always be expressed as a number. Look around, you have this pillar.(Points out to a pillar in the room) This pillar will have a definite height, and a width, and a breath, and the color of the paint has a definite wavelength, right? And there is a definite strength of the pillar? And all of these things can be denoted through a number. Can they not be? You are sitting here and breathing and there is the air, and the air has a particular density, and the density can be expressed as a…?

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How to know the real purpose of life?

Question: How do we understand the purpose of our being?

Yesterday we had a puja at our place and the priest said that even when the leaf moves, it moves due to the will of god. So, everything that exist has a purpose and there is a will of god. So, how do you understand or follow the purpose?

Speaker: Does the leaf follow any purpose? The leaf just is. When the wind comes, the leaf dances. That’s it. When the heat is too strong, the leaf dies, withers away. That’s it. And it’s so disturbing to many. “Oh my God! Nothing to do.” When the wind comes, then move and dance, and when your time is up, then go away. That’s it.

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The honest man has just One priority

Questioner: Sir, there is a quote of yours that says, “Only by being firmly tethered to one’s core can one fly freely. Wandering without a center is looseness, not freedom.”

Doesn’t that have something to do with priorities? Like, making a single priority and then letting it continue.

Acharya Prashant: ‘Who is making that priority? You talk of priorities as if priorities are something objective. ‘Who is making the priority?

What is the priority of a politician contesting elections? – To win the election.

What is the priority of a thief breaking into somebody’s house? – Steal.

What is the priority of a man out to kill? – Kill.

Whose priorities are you talking of? Your priorities depend upon your mind. We all have priorities but we do not even know that those priorities are not at all ‘our’ priorities. Those priorities have been imposed upon us by various forces.

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When there is innocence in the Heart only then there is intelligence in the mind

Question: Sir, can there be a ‘conscious innocence’?

Speaker: No, but there can be ‘innocent consciousness’. In the same way as there can be no ‘worldly God’, but there can be a ‘Godly world.

Innocence is your center. Innocence is far above consciousness. In fact, innocence means a point that is not stained by consciousness. With innocence in your heart, you can be conscious in the mind and it will be an ‘innocent consciousness’. With God in your heart, you can have the world in your mind and it will be a ‘Godly world’. But if you try the opposite then you are inviting hell. If you make God a thing of the mind then, not only have you lost touch with God but even this mind, that dares to contain God, becomes a petty mind and suffers.

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