Coming to Advait Camp is like giving wings to your relationship!

Sonali Bhattacharya, in morning prayer at 24th Advait Learning Camp

(Sonali sobs as she speaks about her relationship with her brother) Me and my brother never remained connected with each other. We could never form that bond that siblings cherish. And when he came in here, to the 24th Advait Learning camp, I hugged him; and that was the first time that I hugged him in my entire life. This is just not so normal in between us. It isn’t that I didn’t want to hug him before or there were no opportunities to hug, there were a bundle of them, but the hug never happened.

Yesterday, Sampada Ji (one of the fellow camp participants) asked me that why it took you 25 years to hug him, to come close to him?

And I had no answer.

I am hoping that after going back from here we may remain close to each other.

I love him (her tears do not stop); we both do (sobs in pain). But we are unable to express and share it.

It might appear that we are really close to each other; taking care of small-small things like food, health, we keep on asking to each other about these. But, there is a long gap in between us. I have felt that.

I try a lot to remove this gap but (she softly slaps her brother on his cheeks, gesturing love for him) he never expresses his love, never gives a response.

But I know that it’s just the 3rd day and the camp has started to reduce this gap; I could hug him yesterday. It’s like coming here is giving wings to your relationships. I have felt that.

Thank you, Acharya Ji. (smiles in tears)

Sonali Bhattacharya with her brother Joydeeep Bhattacharya at 24th Advait Learning Camp, Mukteshwar

Editor’s Note: Sonali expressed her love for her brother in one of the reflection sessions at 24th Advait Learning Camp, Mukteshwar. 

It is no coincidence that she got close to her brother in just two days of the camp. Advait Learning Camps have always helped in seeing how one relates with the world and hence have better relationships.

It got reflected in her life.

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Give wings to your relationship and fly with your loved ones!

Love, Compromise, Magic, God….

Speaker: Fear, what about fear?

Listener 1:  What is fearlessness?

Speaker: No fear, simple, light, straight forward; no thought that something can go wrong.

Listener 2: It is something like karma (action)?

Speaker: Like?

Listener 2: Karma (action).

Speaker: Obviously. If you toss a ball, it will come down – cause and effect. In the world of material, there is always cause and effect, that is the law of karma (action). It is nothing but the law of material. If you throw something, it will move forward. Every cause will have an effect, that is the law of karma (action), but that law does not apply to conscious beings. Continue reading

What is Religion?

Speaker: So, this morning we are here, trying to look at what is Religion. It would be easy to go into this deeply researched and heavily documented topic as just another objective topic, but I wonder, whether we ask ourselves some very subjective, very personal, very intimate questions. I wonder, whether we ask ourselves, “Why we wake up every morning?” I wonder, whether we have really asked ourselves, “What brings us, here, to this hall, at this hour?” I wonder, whether we ask ourselves, “What our eyes are looking for, all the time?” Very few of us would have asked themselves – “Why they feel thirsty all the time. And why there is a need to eat? And why does one feel like living on? And why do successes never feel complete?” Continue reading

You are wonderful, beautiful, awesome, simply as you are

Speaker: Virah wo aag hai jise parmaatma swayam fuunkta hai. Parmaatmaa ke liye hai, aur use phuunkta bhee wahi hai. (Longing is the fire which is stoked by God Himeslf. It is for God, and is stoked by God.) Continue reading

Do not let the world occupy your mind

Question: Sir, how can we control the internalization of thoughts which we get from society and other people?

Speaker: When you get them, are they external? Or are they already internalized?

Listener: Most of them are external only.

Speaker: A thing is external or internal depending on whether it is external to you or internal to you, right? Do you have thoughts floating about in the thin air? Or is the thought already in the mind? When you say, there is a thought, where is the thought?

Listener: In the mind.

Speaker: So, has it not already been internalized? The moment somebody is able to provoke you into thinking, he has already taken a slice of you. He has already occupied a part of you. Your well-wishers will not provoke you into thinking. They will bring you to peace. So, if you are thinking hard, and thinking hard is confusion and disturbance and frustration; if you are thinking hard and you come across a well-wisher, his presence will be able to calm you down. Your thoughts will subside. Continue reading

How to keep others happy?

Speaker:  HIDP is telling us that our first and primary responsibility is towards ourselves. Then what about parents, friends and the society?

Listener: Not the society.

Speaker: Just the parents.

Listener: Parents and our teachers.

Speaker: All of that is society. Even parents are society. Anybody apart from you is?

Listeners (in unison): Society.

Speaker: So there are just two, the individual and the society. You are there and everybody apart from you is society.

So what to do with them? What about them? If my primary responsibility is towards myself, then what do I do with them. I can probably see where your question is coming from. She is saying, “I want to keep my parents happy” Continue reading

If a leader needs followers, he will never let them be free

Question: Sir, you have said that a real leader does not need followers. I want to understand this.

Speaker: To understand this statement, you will have to go into the word need.

What is a need? When does one need something outside of himself?

Followers are people, other people.

When does one need other people? What is a need?

A need is a feeling of incompletion. A need therefore is a dependency. A need therefore is a sense of being weak, of being inadequate, of being not total without something else or somebody else. And hence, to have a need of another person or another thing is a kind of an inferiority complex. If you are with this, till this point; what follows will be readily clear to you. Do you understand need? Continue reading