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Series of great miracles

The subtle can be perceived only by the subtle.

We talk as if miracles happen sometimes. ‘Time’ itself is a miracle.

To believe in miracles is to believe in your personal helplessness. To believe in miracles is to accept that the center of doing is not you, that what is happening is not really your accomplishment.

The miracle tells you that neither have you done it nor do you understand what has been done that is too much for the ego.

You will never be very open to believing in miracles. To believe in miracles is to believe in grace. ‘Grace’ is a miracle. To believe in miracles is to believe in love, truth. You would much rather believe in yourself; Love, truth, grace, they obliterate you. The work of God is miraculous. The work of God is not something that the human mind can make sense of, and that is a miracle. But as we just said, if you cannot make sense of something you feel humiliated. There is another mind that feels delighted when he sees something of the beyond happening. He has faith.

The very existence of Jesus is a miracle. No other miracle is needed.

Life is nothing but a series of great miracles.

The very existence of the Jesus is a miracle. Obviously, everything that happens through him is bound to be a miracle.

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On Jesus: What does it take to believe in miracles?

Poster 5

Acharya Prashant: The next question says:

Dear Acharya Ji, Pranam

After reading the story of Lazarus, this is what comes to the mind. We all want to see miracles in order to believe in the existence of a God. Something that is magical or out of the ordinary. Most of us have witnessed those moments at some point in our lives. Yet those moments pass and we go on with our normal lives as if nothing has happened. So what does it then take to believe fully and completely? And why do we find it so difficult?

‘Miracles’ are continuously happening Nimisha. But to whom are the miracles happening? Who would perceive the miracles as happening? The one who is to perceive is lost in the gross material. He can perceive nothing but that which is loud, sensory, material.

The subtle can be perceived only by the subtle.

That is the reason why blunt demonstrations like the one in the case of Lazarus are talked of. That Lazarus loved Jesus was in itself the highest miracle. But that miracle would not be appreciated. It would not even be called a miracle because we are gross people. We have lost the sensitivity, the receptivity to perceive, record, register the little, the faint, the delicate and that is the reason why we talk only of some miracles. We do not talk of a continuity of miracles.

We talk as if miracles happen sometimes.

‘Time’ itself is a miracle.

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The craziness that begins and ends in God


At the end of a crazy moon night

the love of God rose.

I said, “It’s me Lalla.”

The beloved woke. We became That,

and the lake is crystal-clear.

~Lal Ded

Acharya Prashant: At the end of a crazy moon night, the love of God rose.” There is nothing in nature which doesn’t take you closer to your centre. This must be understood. Why is it said and heard that the Rishis would go to jungles for meditation? Why is it so that the distressed mind moves towards nature for peace? At the center there is nothing except peace, and then there is the first layer; the layer of the physical universe. The layer of the trees, the animals, the moon, the rivers, the flesh and the blood. And then, man builds another layer over it which is the layer of abstractions, ideas, concepts, social formulations, language. Distressed by all that, man wants to return to his center. And when you return to your center, what is it that you find? Continue reading

In attention, the full moon shines


L:  Sir, you said that the choice of being in deep contentment and in abyss lies with us. Is it really the case?

Acharya Prashant: Yes, yes there is this choice.

See, the choice has to be there because you as you are you, take yourself to be the chooser. Now if there is a chooser, how cannot there be a choice? And if you are not a chooser at all, then you already are beyond this rubbish. You take yourself as a decision maker always, don’t you?

“I will decide whether to go out, whether to stay in.” The choice is there, always there. Self-deception is also a choice. Or do you think it’s your nature? You do it, it does not happen. You willfully, deliberately execute it. It all happens right under your nose. It does not happen behind your back.

So there is always a choice involved and that’s the whole purpose of observation. Catch yourself making those choices. See when you decided to take a step in the wrong direction you will catch yourself doing that. It happens. There are very clear and discrete moments. You will see, “Ah! here it is, it happened this moment”.

You have not finished your work and you decide to go off to sleep. Don’t you know it when you are getting up from the chair? Don’t you know that, that is the moment of the choice? You had the choice to remain sitting, right? Didn’t you decide, didn’t you choose to get up?  Or, did it happen on its own? So, you very well know that it is a choice and if it is a choice better make a right choice.

L: But do I really know that the choice I am making is a wrong choice?

AP: We know that 🙂

You see, this ‘Knowing’ word here, is to be understood. The choice is being made, that is a fact. ‘Knowing’ that it is a choice of such nature happens only in the presence of ‘Knowing’. And, even that ‘Knowing’ is a choice. That choice is called ‘attention’. Had that choice not been available why would teachers talk to you about ‘Attention’?

Because you have it in your powers to choose to be attentive and teachers talk to you about it so that you choose more and more to be attentive.

Knowing is not something automatic. Experiencing is automatic. Knowing waits for your invitation. Knowing is something related to God—present, yet, entering, manifesting, speaking, only when asked to. Like a silent teacher sitting in this room, very much present, never absent, but not vocal, not expressive unless asked to.

That ‘asking to’ is the choice. You have to ask your ‘Knowing’ to become functional. It lies dormant unless you ask it to get up and tell the Truth, you can conveniently remain in falseness.

That choice is there.

L: It is said that when there is full moon attention span rises up and it gets maximum when stars form a certain pattern. Is there something reality in them?

AP: When you are attentive, then you attend to the full moon. The moon comes later, attention comes first.

Otherwise, the full moon is there, who attends to it? Do you know, the full moon is quite near?  Do you know?  You do not even look towards the sky?  Now, will the moon bring you to the attention or the attention will bring you to the moon?  Or attention brings you to the moon?.

L: But being inattentive how can we have a choice?

AP: Because inattention will give you suffering and suffering always comes with a call for action. Suffering says, “Do something, I am feeling bad”. Thereby the choice is provoked. Whenever you are told by suffering to do something, you are being called to act. And now you are being called to thereby make a choice.

L: So, the inattention is not complete in itself?

AP: Inattention will always seek a solution and the solution is attention.

~ Excerpts from a ‘Shabd-Yoga’ session. Edited for clarity.

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The false desires the Truth in desiring the disappearance of Truth

The moon was asked:

“What is your strongest desire?”

It answered:

“That the Sun should vanish, and should remain veiled forever behind the clouds.”

~ Idris Shah, The way of the Sufi

Speaker: Impossible is what we want. On one hand, the mind wants immortality, on the other hand, it wants to avoid the timeless. On one hand, the mind wants all knowledge, on the other hand, it wants to avoid Real knowing. The situation of the mind is like that of the moon, which wants to shine, and shine brightly, but dislikes the Sun.

“The moon was asked: What is your strongest desire?

It answered: That the Sun should vanish, and should remain veiled forever behind the clouds.”

There is nothing really that the moon, the mind, dislikes more than the Sun. The moon is praised by poets and lovers, gentleness of its light is greatly appreciated. People express gratitude to it for giving them, at least, some light, in the thick of dark night. The moon receives these appreciations and thanks. Continue reading