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Drop knowledge and know; win by losing



 From The Gospel of Sri Ramakrishna:

“A learned ignorance is the end of philosophy and the beginning of religion”

~Sir William Hamilton

(Scottish Philosopher)


Acharya Prashant: What is Philosophy? Though Philosophy means the search for Truth, but it ends up becoming just more and more concepts about Truth. With Philosophy, you get not the Truth, but words about Truth, opinions about Truth. With philosophy, you want to capture magic and logic. And it is so impossible. That’s what every philosopher has been trying to do. He has been trying to apply logic to magic.How will you ever understand? How will you ever succeed?

“A learned ignorance”, its a beautiful phrase. The wise man, is deeply ignorant. He is free of concepts and knowledge. The moment you drop the arrogance that you will ever reach there through arguments. The moment you drop your assumption that you, the logician, can understand that great magician then you are clean, clear. Your eyes, do not have the stain of cleverness anymore. You are no more trying to argue it out. And when your approach is not through arguments and sentences, then your approach is simple and direct. Continue reading

How to tell the truth to parents

img_2761Question: When I used to ask questions to my mother and father, we would have conversations, and our conversations often ended on a bad note. My brother and sister would say, “You better not talk to them like this, because if you are right, then they are wrong; and if they are wrong, all these years which they have lived through will be wrong.”

Acharya Prashant (AP): Yes, and they have invested a lot in those years, so it proves that all their investment has gone waste, which means all their life has gone waste. Continue reading

Do not meditate for peace, meditate in peace


Listener: Is meditation required?

Acharya Prashant: What is meditation?

L: It’s like concentrating on the breathing.

AP: Have we not already talked of concentration?

To concentrate is to force the mind to a particular object, and the mind doesn’t like being forced. So, if mediation about concentration then the mind will never agree with meditation. Or, is meditation something else?

What is meditation?

The very action of a peaceful mind is called meditation.

Whatever you do in peace is meditation.

This is meditation. That is meditation. All is meditation. Continue reading



‘The way’ is not for those who think about it.
‘The way’ is not for those who want to walk ‘the way’.
‘The way’ is not for those, who approach it through their intellect and knowledge.
‘The way’ is a resistance-less movement, and hence it is no movement at all.

It is not for those whose mind resists.
It is not for those who do not surrender to it.
It is not for those who want to look at it with open eyes, because they want to size it up.
It is not for those who close their eyes, because ‘the way’ does not demand that.
It is not for the idiots, because they are ‘idiots’.
It is not for the intelligent ones, because they are ‘intelligent’.

What to do, to at least get a glimpse of it?
If you do anything in particular, you will resist the flow,
that is already available.
The moment you resist, ‘the way’ is lost in resistance.

After learning this much about ‘the way’,
for sure you are farther from it, than you were, before you heard.
‘The way’ is not for those who prefer hearing over walking.

Had you really loved ‘the way’, you would have been walking ‘the way’,
instead of talking about it.
Attachment, inclination towards discussion about ‘the way’is a good indicator that
‘the way’ is yet far away.

Self-awareness is not self-stalking

Question: I seem to be moving from the so-called liberal, open to a highly moralistic type of woman. It is a movement from one end to the other. But nothing has changed actually. I may just be repressing myself, and keeping more watch on myself. What is happening to me?

Speaker: Do you want to ‘know’ what is going on, or you want to change what is going on? What is the intention?

Listener 1: Both. Continue reading

How do I get rid of my restlessness?

Question: Restlessness doesn’t really leave me. Why am I so restless? How can I get rid of my restlessness?

Speaker: Cars these days come with the auto-pilot feature. You can put the car on the cruise mode, especially on long drives, and the driver can relax. There was a research conducted on the vehicles that have this auto-drive feature.  It was found out that people who buy cars having this facility do not really use it. Continue reading

Intentions don’t matter; Awareness does

Question: What we get from outside especially in the childhood, is the love, affection, care of our parents, family. How can that contribute to our ego?

Speaker: There is a saying, “The road to hell is paved with good intentions.” People’s intentions are good, but they end up doing a lot of harm. People’s intentions are good but they end up doing a lot of harm because they are not aware. Even their love can only cause harm to the loved ones.

Intentions don’t matter, awareness matters.

I may have all the intentions of helping my son, my friend, somebody. But how can I help if my notion of help itself is misplaced.

Continue reading