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Quotes, February’19 – March’19


We all are bleeding in the fight

We all are fighting tirelessly.

The pity is:

We are all fighting the wrong battle.

The wounds are there.

The blood is there.

The sweat is there.

The tiredness is there.

The battle is wrong.


Conserve your energy,

Train your thoughts,

Discipline your little self.

Time is precious, attention is precious.

To waste time, it is not necessary that you must do something wasteful.

It is enough to just worry.


Humbly go

to the root of the mistake,

without feeling ashamed,

without a great self-image.

Look at yourself laughing,

as one looks at a joker,


at his own jokes.

Now you see

the mother mistake.

Seriousness is the mother mistake.

Don’t take yourself so seriously!


This is happening, that is happening…

But whatsoever is happening is not big enough to trouble you.

That is Samadhi.


Beware the man who thinks he understands.


There is nothing called


and self-improvement.

There is only one I,

and it cannot be improved upon.

And even if the false I gets improved,

only the false benefits.

How do you get better

by decorating your shadow?

Don’t improve the false,

just disown it.


Was the thing the same before you perceived it?

If yes, why does the thing appear different every time you see it?

Was there a thing at all before you perceived it?


Is spontaneity wonderful?

The spontaneous utterance of a sage is musical,

The spontaneous utterance of a fool is abusive.

Like everything else in life, the value of a thing or action depends squarely on where it is coming from.


If you love, you want to help.

If you want to help, you will have to more clearly know the one who needs to be helped.

When you clearly know the one you want to help, there arises disgust.

That’s the challenge of love: to keep loving the one who provokes revulsion in you.


Isn’t it a spell?

When you are out of it, doesn’t it all look clearly stupid?

Don’t you then curse yourself for being so blindly spellbound?

Obviously stupid it looks, but only after you’re out of it.

Why make basic freedom distant by giving it a fancy name like enlightenment?


When you know

what is going on, then

you are liberated from that which is going on.


It is not given to me to lie still.

The only way to see me still

is to match pace with me.


The Truly spiritual man

is young in action,

and eternally old in realisation.

At the centre,

he is completely still,

like Shiva in mystical stillness.

At the periphery,

he is a lover and a fighter,

like Shiva in existential dance.


What is commitment?

If I am not fit to get what I want,

then it is the ‘I’ that must yield, adjust, disappear.

The want cannot be compromised with. The want must, and will, remain.

It is the want that will shape, discipline and dissolve the I.

Commitment, Devotion, Surrender.


When You are gone,then nothing matters. Body sans Heart.

When You are here, then nothing matters.

We then just casually play.

Will it matter if we win?

Well, not much.

Will it matter if we lose?

Well, not much.

The game is not meant to be won, it is meant to be played. Together.


To touch

without leaving your fingerprints

– That’s the mark of

the shrewd criminal,

or the wisest saint.


When you are one with the object of your consciousness, then there is just one entity, neither you nor the world. Both you and the world disappear.

This disappearance is the end of duality and end of consciousness.

A lightness free of consciousness remains, and this is awareness.


If you find yourself stuck with suffering, ask: Is suffering sticking to me? Or am I sticking to suffering?

One sticks to suffering by sticking to the same breakfast, same friends, same cap, same habits.

When everything in life is being kept the same, how can life itself change?


Just reading the Guru helps little.

You’ve to be near.

Physically as you live, you’ve to be physically near.

Even being within the seeing range of the Guru won’t help.

You’ve to be within smelling range of the Guru.

Actually, you’ve to be within slapping range of the Guru.


We have a tremendous potential to suffer and a tremendous resistance to call our situation as suffering.

We name our situation as ambition, hope, desire, duty, passion, love, but never give it the right name:suffering.

We laugh aloud among others, and suffer quietly in our loneliness


Even when you are totally drenched in melancholy,

You are able to cry only because you are still healthy.


The best gift you can give to others is your own freedom.

~ Acharya Prashant@Prashant_Advait

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If you really love your parents then you will bring the Truth to them

Your parents, they deserve real treatment, not false treatment.

If you love your parents then bring the Truth closer to them. Have the guts. And remember if you have love, then love gives you the courage. Love itself gives you so much courage.

If you really love your parents then you must have the ability, the burning desire, to tell them that father all these false treatments that you are trying will not help you. This game of expectations will not help you. You real need is something else. And please allow me to bring that something else to you. That would be the real energetic action of love.

But that would require you a real clean heart, and an intense desire to help the parents. If you don’t have that cleanliness of heart and the desire that comes out of loves, then you won’t do this.

Then you will say, “All right, he is asking for a fake medicine, why take so much trouble? He is asking for fake medicine, given him fake medicine.” That’s what most sons and daughters do.

Parents ask for fake medicines and sons and daughters keep giving fake medicines because there is no real love. Real love does not say that “You know, I’ll only say nice things to my Papa. I’ll not say anything to my mother which she does not want to hear”. Real love says, “No, the Truth must be brought forward. Even if it doesn’t sound nice, even if some egos are heart, even if somebody feels temporarily bad, it’s all right. I cannot give a false medicine, because I love. I will only give the real medicine.”

It depends on you now. What is the depth of your love towards your parents? If you don’t love them enough, just go ahead and allow their illusions to persist. If you love them enough, then bring the Truth to them. Take that as a litmus test. If you don’t love them enough you’ll allow their illusions to persist. And if you really love them then you will bring the Truth to them.

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How to deal with parents’ expectations?


Question: Sir, how to deal with the expectations of parents?

Acharya Prashant: See, it’s not about parents only. Everybody expects. Yes? Expectation means there is a desire. Desire means there is a sense of incompleteness. That there is something missing from life. Right? That is what leads to expectation, that there is something missing from life.

Now, because you feel that there is something missing from lives, you expect. You expect from the world, you expect from others, you expect from situations, you expect from luck, and you also expect from yourself. We have so many expectations even from ourselves. The root of all these expectations is an inner feeling of lack of fulfillment.

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What lies beyond mind? More mind.

Listener: (Reading a quote of Acharya Prashant from a quote-calendar)

What lies beyond mind?
More mind.
What is more mind?
What and lies and mind.
Questions, perceptions on the concept of the mind.

Acharya Prashant: Any question about beyond-ness would be a useless question because the question itself is coming from the mind. And the question decides the scope of the answer. If the question is mental, it is demanding a mental answer as well. The mental answer is ‘mental’; within mind; so it cannot take you beyond mind. Which means that it is not the answers that can give spiritual solutions. They come from somewhere else.

Even as we are talking, let’s say I ask a question and you give me an answer. Yet if your answer is really useful to me, it would not be the words of the answer but something behind the words. Words keep you in the same dimension as the question. So answers can never be useful. May be they can be. You tell me. (Asking one of the listener)

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Live to express Fullness, not to gain it

Om! Puurnnam-Adah ||

That is that, full, complete, ultimate.


Puurnnam-Idam ||

This is that, full, complete, ultimate.



Full expresses itself, as fullness.
Puurnnasya Puurnnam-Aadaaya ||

From full, all fullness arises.


Puurnnam-Eva-Avashissyate ||
And full, remains full. Full complete ultimate.
Om Shaantih Shaantih Shaantih ||


So, is it not wonderful that ‘this’ and ‘that’ are being addressed together? The Rishi begins by saying, “‘this is full’ and ‘that is full’.” First of all it has to be understood that ‘this’ and ‘that’ cannot pertain to the beyond. ‘This’ and ‘that’ cannot pertain to anything outside the mind. What are ‘this’ and ‘that’ then?

‘This’ and ‘that’ are everything that the mind anyway daily experiences. In terms of matter, they are the thing and its absence. So there is a ball kept somewhere; ‘this’ is the ball, ‘that’ is the absence of the ball. In terms of time, their cause and effect. In terms of thought itself, they are what occupies the mind and what remains hidden. So ‘this’ and ‘that’ pertain to all pairs of duality. Continue reading