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Why I am afraid of the society?

Have you asked yourself, “Why is money important and to what extent is money important? What is money?” The society has told you that money is important and is important to this and that extent, and you keep running after it.

You spend your individual life in a pursuit of a social goal. Is that not stupid? You are spending your individual life pursuing a social goal, a goal given by the society.

Whose life is it?


Whose goals are they?


Is that not a wastage of life? Your life is spent in pursuing a goal given by others. Whose life is being wasted? “My own life.”

Have you asked yourself, “What is the meaning of work? What is the relation of work to life? Why must one work? What is the relation of work to money?” Have you asked yourself, “What is employment? What is meant by one man serving the needs of other? What is meant by one man accepting a salary from another?”

Have you asked these questions? You all are adults. Have you asked yourself, “What is meant by love? What is sex? What is body? What is marriage? What is reproduction? What is family?” Have you ever asked these questions? No. And you will blindly move into them because the entire society blindly moves into them.

A particular age and you are fit for marriage, and you must have a family. Do you ask yourself, “What is all this? This one body, what am I doing with it? This one life, what am I doing with it?”

But the society has clearly laid down the norms and you will follow those norms. When you are following the norms given by the society, obviously you will be afraid of the society, because the society has now become your master.

Have you asked yourself, “What is meant by settling down? What is meant by the so-called good life where you have a car, an apartment, two kids, a nice job and a particular reputation?” What is meant by all these?

Have you asked, “What is religion?” You go and celebrate festivals. Would you ask yourself, “What is religion? Why am I following a certain religion? What is meant by following a religion? Is religion individual or social?”

Religion must be totally individual, but the religion that we follow is completely social. Even our God is a social god that the society has given us. Have you found out God? No. But you are blindly following certain scriptures that the society handed over to you, a social God.

It’s like I am sitting over here, all of you dream up a God, make certain pictures, create certain stories and then come to me and say, “This is God. Start believing in this and live your life according to this.”

When everything is social, when every breath is social, why wonder that why am I afraid of the society? You will continue to be afraid till the time you don’t let intelligence function.

Let intelligence function and then there will be no fear.

~ Excerpts from the article, Why am I always thinking of the society?

Love, Compromise, Magic, God….

Speaker: Fear, what about fear?

Listener 1:  What is fearlessness?

Speaker: No fear, simple, light, straight forward; no thought that something can go wrong.

Listener 2: It is something like karma (action)?

Speaker: Like?

Listener 2: Karma (action).

Speaker: Obviously. If you toss a ball, it will come down – cause and effect. In the world of material, there is always cause and effect, that is the law of karma (action). It is nothing but the law of material. If you throw something, it will move forward. Every cause will have an effect, that is the law of karma (action), but that law does not apply to conscious beings. Continue reading

Happiness cannot be the purpose of life

Question: Sir, what is the purpose of life?  Is it earning money, or happiness?

Speaker: The lady is asking, ‘What is the ultimate purpose of life?’ She has already presented us two options:

  1. Earning money or,
  1. Happiness.

But you already know. You have already discounted everything else and zeroed in on to two options. What are they? That the purpose could be either to earn money, or to be happy.

Alright. So let’s first look at these two. What does one earn money for?

Listener 1: For livelihood.

Speaker: And, why does one want a livelihood?

Listener 2: For comfort.

Speaker: What does comfort give you?

Listener 3: Satisfaction and happiness. Continue reading

Money and growth will not fill your internal hollow

Acharya Prashant: A nice question has come to us. Our friend is saying that greed is making people work. If we remove greed from people’s life, they will not grow.  So I’m asking him, ‘What is growth?’ Continue reading

Goals and Planning

Questioner: Sir, you said that in life don’t plan for a thing, just let it happen. But how to get what we want without planning? When I was sitting in the class sometime before you said, “Take your time, write , think about the question.” This is also planning. Continue reading

The shine of gloss is the beauty of the core

Speaker: Gloss is what is perceivable to the senses. Gloss is your actions, your appearance, your voice, everything. Core is the essence from which all your actions arise. Core and Gloss are inseparable; they are not at all two different entities. I do not know how you are carrying the conception that there is a Core and there is Gloss. Core and Gloss are one, just as mind and body are one. Mind is to body is, what Core is to Gloss. We said that when the mind is afraid, the body starts shivering. Now, you cannot see the fear of the mind, but you can see the shivering of the body. That is the only difference between Core and Gloss. Continue reading

Success and failure

Question : What do you understand by ‘failure’ and ‘success’? What is the relation between them?

Speaker : When do you call something a ‘success’? You call yourself successful when you have a goal, and you reach it. It is this attainment of that goal that you name as ‘success’. Right?

We know how confused we often are. We know how divided our minds are. What kind of goals will come from a confused, divided, dependent mind? Confused, divided and dependent goals. Continue reading