• “Somebody asked: what is Aloneness? Said I: The Universe comes into being just now. I am its first and only inhabitant. Now runs forever.”


  • “The entire universe comes together as the body. Let the body be; don’t try to control it, don’t impose morality upon it, don’t be afraid of it. To be afraid of the body is to be afraid of existence.”


  • “The body is the key to all the secrets of the universe.”


  • “There is nothing dead in the universe. Everything is alive, in its own way. Everything is at the centre of its own universe.”


  • “You are free to be time and space. You, in time, are the entire history of the universe. You in space, are all beings around. Nothing but You.”


  • “The more untouched and inert am I within, the more sensitive and responsive I would be outside. To be one with the universe, be alone within.”


  • “The evolution of Universe is the evolution of consciousness. Big bang is imaginary as consciousness was too primitive to give it that shape.”


  • “The universe cannot be what it appears to be, without the mind being what it is.”
  • “A loving mind does not overcome the universe, it forgets it.”
  • “Science will not ask, “What is the state of the scientist?”
    Science will keep asking, “What is the universe? How is the universe? From where does it come? To where does it go?”
    But it will never ask, “To whom does the universe occur?”
    Now, is there a universe independent of the perceiver of the universe?
    Spirituality is dimensionally above science.
    Spirituality looks not only at that which is outside, but also at that which is apparently inside and looks at the outside.
    Spirituality looks at both — the object out there and the subject in here (mind).
    Science looks only at the object.
    Spirituality looks at both — the object and the subject; which means that science and Spirituality are in no way opposites.
    There can be no conflict between them.
    It is just that Spirituality is an infinite superset which contains all kinds of sciences.
    Spirituality is the vast expanse in which many sciences keep coming, keep going.”
  • “When you can see your entire universe in the parted lips of the beloved, it is Aatman.”
  • “You are attacked only as long as there is something to be attacked. And when there is something to be attacked, you would always feel attacked, or threatened to be attacked. It is not as if the universe is conspiring against you, it is just that the self that you have built up, lives on a diet of threats. It is not as if all the arrows and bullets are aiming at you, it is just that the armour that you have raised, is justified only by arrows and bullets.”
  • “Why are you so anxious? Is there anything in the entire universe that has to worry about the next day, that has to worry about what existence will bring to it?”
  • “Nothing in the Universe is as loveless as man. Nothing in the Universe is as distrustful as man.”
  • “If you do not realize that the Universe is taking care of you, you will be compelled to take care of yourself.”
  • “The universe has nothing to do with your prayers.
    It neither accepts them nor rejects them.”
  • “Guru is not an object in the universe.
    Guru is the foundation of the universe.”


These quotes have come from talks and writings of Acharya Prashant


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