Volunteering at PAF


Contribute an Evening

Volunteers at PAF run awareness stalls daily in the evenings.


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Daily, many people visit the stalls, and join as volunteers. The stalls are put up in Noida and Indirapuram, and begin around 6 pm daily. One may join in even till 7pm.

The purpose of these stalls is to:

  take the mission forward by talking to people and distributing awareness material, books and         posters etc.

 helping the foundation run its expenses through sales and donations.

  meeting new people and inviting them to the clarity sessions.

  enabling the volunteers observe and face the world, and grow and learn in this process.

We need more of us to join us in the evenings for volunteering.

It is one of the best ways one can spend her evening.

The environment at the stalls is youthful and festive, and time gets spent in a playful spirit.


Occasionally, Acharya Ji visits the stalls on his bicycle, and that provides us good interaction in a practical, informal setting. 

So, it is an invitation and an opportunity for all of us.

Those who feel drawn by this call,

kindly contact: +91 7599386010