• “You can’t witness something by staying safely away. To witness is to come close, so close that you become the object you witness. Witnessing is Love.”


  • “Even when everything will be taken away from me, there will remain somebody who will know that all is being taken away. I am that Knower.”


  • “In concluding, you end witnessing, you end alertness. Conclusion is a thought. Witnessing, subtle alertness is thoughtlessness. The ego wants a prescription. It wants to know what to do: this or that. We’ve become so dumb that if someone doesn’t give us a conclusion or opinion then we think that he doesn’t understand.”


  • “Watching, witnessing is the cessation of doing.”


  • “Separation from the observed event misleads. Science does that- I am watching that atom. Spirituality does that- I am witnessing that mind.”


  • “Nothing is not a thing. Now is not a time. Here is not a location. Witnessing is not an action. Knowing this is not a thought.”


  • “Mind immersed in its source, is the mind in its calm witnessing nature. Such a mind is just one with its object. Immersion,the way of life.”


  • “Witnessing isn’t detachment, rather it is immersion in life. When the subject immerses in its object, subject and object merge into nothing.”


  • “Love leads to nearness. Nearness leads to witnessing Witnessing leads to understanding. I understand only when I love.”


  • “When I know, there is no way to know that I know. When I think that I know, I think and I do not know. Only a bad witness is witnessed !”


  • “All its life, the spoon in the soup is never able to taste the soup.”


  • “Witnessing is freedom from the unnecessary.”


  • “‘Witnessing’ is not active observation, witnessing is not like poking your nose.
    Witnessing is complete relaxation.”


  • “Turiya, the witness state, is not ‘yours’; it witnesses you, it is outside of you. So, your birth and death do not touch it.”


These quotes have come from talks and writings of Acharya Prashant


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