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Publishing the long pending videos of Acharya ji, and your contribution.

At the Foundation, it is our life-mission to share the essence of Acharya Prashant Ji with lakhs of genuine seekers across the globe. Every month. Every day. Continuosly.
You are benefitting from the videos, the texts, the audios, and so are a great number of people.
Every quarter or so, the videos are now reaching a million people more. That is the kind of numbers being served by our tiny team at the Foundation.
Would you want to know how a video reaches you? This way:
Step 1: Arranging the recording material — recorders (audio & video), tripod stands.
Step 2: Ensuring that the material is reaching the venue on time.
Step 3: Storing the video and audio separately and arranging their backups.
Step 4: Arranging high-end systems capable of hosting hefty softwares needed for video processing and editing.
Step 5: Purchasing and updating the required latest softwares for video and audio trimming, processing, and publishing.
Step 6: Purchasing and updating the required softwares for image processing to generate Youtube thumbnails of videos.
Step 7: Arranging eight paid professionals to publish and process the 200 videos generated every month.
Step 8: Paying internet service providers to get high upload speeds, as well as the video and audio hosting websites to get huge spaces that are required to post our audios and videos, like daily motion, sound cloud…
Step 9: Purchasing high number of HDs that are required to securely store around 20,000 hours of audio and video recordings and their backup.
Step 10: Dedicated resources to maintain a regularly updated tracker to keep a record of all the videos and audios published so far on all platforms.
And many more small steps like the expenses involved in promoting the videos and audios.  
I hope you are getting the drift by now. It is not my objective to vainly pat our own back. The increasing graph of connecting with thousands of genuine seekers every month powers us more to work with big determination, and equally big challenges. So that you know the whole context of the divine work, appreciating the challenges against which it is happening is important. The worth of a work includes the odds against which it was done.
A dedicated YouTube team and WordPress team functions day-in, day-out, so that regular and updated videos and blogs of Acharya Ji are timely reaching everyone.
Acharya Ji has been continously speaking nearing a decade now. He generates content worth 10-15 videos everyday. He is determined to contribute the maximum in his limited lifetime. But the foundation is unable to match his pace. 100-150 videos are published every month, and a bigger number unfortunately goes into pendency every month. In short, every month we are publishing less than half of Acharya Ji’s recorded content. And this is happening since 7 years at least. So we have around 3000 exquisite timeless videos pending, yet to be processed and published. We cannot publish the pending videos because of lack of resources, and the pendency is increasing every month. Even safely storing the pendency is a challenge now. By any accident, these thousands can just vanish.

These eternal blessings to mankind are at a risk

because we’re short of resources to process them at a faster rate.

Videos, audios, texts, the pendency is long.

We’re in need of:
• Upgraded and new systems
• Professional softwares
• Technically skilled personnel
Foundation is in need of funds and resources to pace up the work on videos. 
You may help the volunteers, yourself, by contributing your part in the mission of Truth.
You may contribute at:
Or, you may contact Anoushka Ji at: +91 9818585917.
By sharing this message to you, we are in no way creating an obligation upon you to contribute. We just find it important that you must know of the state of affairs at our end. That will help you appreciate Acharya ji and our mission in a more earthly light.

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Don’t look so startled.

The world has not suddenly changed.

You have woken up.

Now come and help with the wake-up calls.


Acharya Prashant

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Donate to PrashantAdvait Foundation

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Contact Anoushka Ji at: +91 9818585917

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